National Shower with a Friend Day

Happy National Shower with a Friend Day!

National Shower with a Friend DayHello!

I’m not keen on embracing the concept of a social shower. The occasional locker room shower with a group full of girls and elderly women at the pool was enough to scare me away. Joey Cat is a bit of a creeper and he usually sits on the bathroom counter while I take a shower. It started as just staring through the cracked door, then he worked his way onto the floor rug, tried sitting on the top of the toilet, and now he’ll perch on the edge of the sink and put his feet up on the door to high-five me and watch the water run across the glass. Eric swears that one morning Joe even jumped on top of the shower doors to be closer to him, but I haven’t seen it happen and I’m not convinced that it wasn’t a morning hallucination. He stands by his story that he had his eyes closed while he was shampooing and when he opened his eyes, Joe was bending down off the top of the shower door with whiskers in his face. Eric was scared that he would fall, or jump, in and claw him to death when he realized the terrible consequences of his choice. Apparently Joe made the right choice to stay in a dry place and found his way back to the floor safely while Eric remained unscathed from the encounter. Like I said, I haven’t seen it so I’m skeptical. No scratches, no proof! Shower with a friend and celebrate – happy holidays!


National Backwards Day

Happy National Backwards Day!

National Backwards DayHello!

In honor of the holiday, I’m moving through my day backwards and starting at the end before I work my way to the beginning.What’s all the fuss about living a forward-focused, one-directional life? I went to bed this morning and had an oddly difficult time going to sleep. Normally, I can fall asleep in an instant and consider that to be one of my best skills. I have an odd, but very effective visualization routine that I go through to slow down my heartbeat and calm my mind that pairs with a song I sang years ago in choir. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time that I had to go through the song in my head twice. I’m always out like a light within minutes! It also took a little extra time to put my clothes on with the tags in the front, but then I went out for a late night snack. Eric and I stopped off at our local one-screen theatre and raided their very affordable, awesome concessions stand for a big bag of buttery popcorn. They were a little surprised to see guests come in this early, but the popcorn was hot and fresh. That’s the true breakfast of champions! Off to the gym we went for an evening session on the elliptical and bike machines. It was weird to see the sun coming in through the front doors. I have a full day ahead of me and yet I still haven’t had breakfast? Lucky for me, I can make a grocery run for breakfast supplies before tonight. Normally, I roll out of bed and pull whatever we have out of the cupboards for a simple breakfast that holds me over until lunch. National Backwards Day is definitely a little odd, but there are some perks! Happy holidays.


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National Hugging Day

Happy National Hugging Day!

National Hugging DayHello!

I’m really not a lovely, feely, huggy person. Some people need human interactions and touch to feel connected, but I would describe myself as particularly aloof and reserved in this regard. It’s so awkward when people walk up a little too close like they’re going in for a hug, but don’t commit with open arms. Then I must either fully initiate the hug by opening my arms wide, even if they didn’t actually want a hug, or keep my arms crossed, potentially rejecting them, and leaving us standing way too close together for no reason. The small step, discreet shuffle backwards after a hug, or hug rejection, is even worse than the hug itself. You already invaded my space, now you’re going to leave us breathing each other’s air? It’s weird. I suppose it’s sort of lucky for me that I have two lovey, feely, huggy people in my life to help teach me how to be a hugger. Eric likes hugs and kisses, but I often forget. Vice Purrsident Joe Biden the Democat definitely doesn’t let me forget! He’ll smash his face against me and literally climb up my legs to get to my lap. I’m so blessed to have their love and will be sure to give out plenty of hugs and snuggles today in honor of the holiday, even if it doesn’t come naturally for me. Happy holidays!


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Happy National No ‘L’ Day!


Today we have a joyous reason for being excited and doing tons of cheering. After so much time, it is Christmas day and we are working words to suit our needs. I have to be very cautious with the words that I choose because I can’t use one fancy icon on my keyboard. Catch my drift? Today is Christmas, which might inspire you to sing a certain Christian Christmas song based on a word with two sounds. Sing it four times, finished with ‘born is the king of a certain spot on a continent that I can’t say’. At this super time of cheer, I am finding it hard to avoid the most common words that I use on my every-day posts. It’s a bit akin to Taboo because I have to come up with things to say, but there are so many things that I have to avoid! This one keyboard icon is so common and I didn’t even know it up to now! The worst thing in the universe might be if I do so much work to avoid the certain words that keep the keyboard icon and continue to make a mistake. You can bet that I’m going to proof this post with thoroughness. No adverbs. No references to the common name of this website. No reference to the fact that we enjoy this certain day across the country. No word that means when we do things to enjoy and embrace the day. Oh, and a definite objection to my most common sign-off to wish you happy somethings. I am super happy, though, that I can say Merry Christmas!


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National Answer the Telephone like Buddy the Elf Day

Happy National Answer the Telephone like Buddy the Elf Day!

National Answer the Telephone like Buddy the Elf DayHello!

“Carrie the Elf, what’s your favorite color?” Oh, and let’s not forget my adorable husband who agreed to play along – “Eric the Elf, what’s your favorite color?” I love watching Elf and it’s definitely one of my favorite Christmas movies. I have such a horrible memory that I can’t remember movies and books after I’ve seen them, so it’s even hard to come up with a list of Christmas movies to choose from. I know that I have watched all of the old-school claymation and cartoon Christmas specials from Rudolph to Frosty the Snowman. Plus, the list of terrible Lifetime Movie Network Christmas specials that I have watched on the couch with my mom is astounding. Yet, none of them pop out to me as especially memorable for good or bad reasons. Elf is the ultimate Christmas movie! It’s so easy to watch, it’s not too long, the humor is delightfully childish, and it centers on Christmas themes without being too corny. But also the corniness is exactly what makes the movie so fantastic? Enough with the movie commentary, Elf is good! I’ll be sure to watch it tonight in honor of the holiday after our first family Christmas party of the season. In the meantime, always be sure to answer your telephone like Buddy the Elf. What’s your favorite color? Happy holidays!


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National Talk Like a Pirate Day

Happy National Talk Like a Pirate Day!

National Talk Like a Pirate DayAhoy!

This day’s shore leave be always a wee tricky fer me ‘n I gunna admit that I had to get some help from an online scurvy pirate tavern. I put in th’ normal words ‘n it popped out some scurvy pirate speak. ’tis be me third time celebratin’ ’tis special speak holiday ‘n, unfortunately, I haven’t gotten any better at it. Fer some reason, I didn’t celebrate last year, but I be back on th’ horse this day! Me problem be that I always switch into French, not matter what. When I give a go’ to think words that aren’t in me normal vocabulary, then I just immediately turn me mind into th’ one other speak I do be knowin’. Ahoy ‘n matey ‘n scurvy scatter right out ‘o me mind ‘n I get flooded wit’ words I don’t need. ’tis super frustratin’, but I’ll be tellin’ ye, ’tis online tavern helper be seriously full ‘o awe. I definitely encourage ye to celebrate ‘n give a go’ it out fer yourself. Put th’ trusty parrot on ye shoulder, attach ye pegleg, ‘n sharpen up ye scurvy pirate rusted hook. ’tis tavern can translate ye text into authentic scurvy pirate speak. ’tis th’ best one I have ever tried ‘n ’tis th’ best aid fer th’ holiday. If ye’re not readin’ ’tis out loud in a gruff scurvy pirate voice, ye’re doin’ somethin’ wrong. Ahoy matey! Cast yer boat fer shore ‘n celebrate.


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National backwards day

Happy National Backwards Day!

National backwards dayHello!

I ran through several scenarios to celebrate today’s holiday and this was the most photogenic option. First, in my lessons this morning, I made sure to have my students play hard passages backwards to give their brain a little tease. Sure enough, one of my students actually read the hard line better backwards than forwards! Then, before I drove backwards out of the driveway, I put my coat on backwards. You might not know it, but my most lacking skill is undeniably spatial awareness. I can’t estimate distance, planning a route through a crowded room is like a nightmare, and planning space use in my head is a major struggle. I mean, just deciding which hand to put through which coat arm took me several tries and then my darling husband had to convince me that I didn’t have to flip my coat around to get the other half of my picture, all I needed to do was turn myself around – seriously! I’m pretty good at a lot of things but watching me struggle to put my coat on backwards would make me look like a true idiot. Think you can do it better than me? You probably can! Happy holidays.


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