National Food Day

Happy National Food Day!

National Food DayHello!

I feel like I say this way too often, but this is truly one of the absolute best holidays of the year. An open, fill-in-the-blank celebration ticket to eat delicious food? Yes, I will do that! Eric and I are on a long, shifting cycle of being really good about cooking on a schedule every night for two or three weeks and then it all goes downhill for one glorious, delicious go-out extravaganza week. I have a feeling that this will be that kind of week. I would like to pretend that I made this amazing meal, but the bowl and coffee table dining session is a little deceiving. In honor of National Food Day, we got take out from one of our favorite places in Albany. We took home Taqueria Alonzo’s monster sized al pastor wet burrito and split it equally into two bowls because half of that burrito is just a little more than a large portion for one person. I scarfed my entire bowl in a fury and wished for half a second that I got a whole burrito for myself. Of course, as soon as I followed up with two more chips, I realized just how full I am. Splitting was a very smart choice! This holiday is the perfect incentive and opportunity to indulge in your favorite food with a guilt free smile. Check back tomorrow for even more food holiday fun. Eat up and enjoy happy holidays!


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National Boston Cream Pie Day

Happy National Boston Cream Pie Day!

National Boston Cream Pie DayHello!

Eric and I made a late night grocery run yesterday because Sunday tends to be my lowest energy day. Getting the treat early and having it in the fridge helps me to be prepped and ready to celebrate. Plus, we were a little antsy to get a snack anyway and it got us out of the house and off of our screens for a little bit. Technically, the wrapper said that this was Boston cream cake, not pie, but I really can’t tell the difference. There’s cream, cake, and chocolate stacked up in layers, so that’s really all that I care about. I stuck the dessert into the fridge and closed the door, but then my Netflix marathoning tummy started to complain of hunger. I snacked on some carrots to satisfy the urge, but soon I couldn’t control myself! I popped off the lid, snapped a photo while it was still all nice, and headed back to my lounge spot with a thick slice. Joe definitely had his eyes on it, if you can’t tell from the photo, but he’s such a well behaved little kitty that he kept his paws off my scrumptious slice and just wallowed. I put a treat out for him too so that he could also enjoy something special to munch on, but I don’t think that Boston cream is a kitten-friendly food. Happy holidays!


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National Color Day

Happy National Color Day!

National Color DayHello!

After a full morning of teaching oboe lessons, I am officially settling into a relaxing Saturday. Joe and I are cuddled up in the fuzziest blanket for a coloring session and Netflix. This odd little kitten loves to play with two things more than anything else: headphones and pens. I keep this box of pens on my desk for bullet journaling and he will leave them alone if they’re all stacked in there neatly together, but if I leave one out on the table or with my book, he immediately bats it with his paws onto the floor. I gave him a little bit of play time with the pens before taking them away for my own use. I liked my concept for the center of the flower design and thought that it turned out pretty well, but I absolutely hate what I did on the outside border. I always get too impatient at the end of my coloring time! After so much precise detailing and line work, my hands gets cramped up and I rush through the final steps. Plus, I got really tired of keeping track of my pen color order and opted for a few new neon colors on the outside. Coloring is supposed to be therapeutic, but I get oddly amped up. Of course, I also just finished marathoning the new season of Black Mirror, which is phenomenal, although also far from calming. I’ll start a simpler page next time. Happy holidays!


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National Celebration of the Mind Day

Happy National Celebration of the Mind Day!

National Celebration of the Mind DayHello!

I am constantly amazed by the power of our minds. It sounds like such a cliche thing to say, but every time that this holiday rolls around on the calendar and I start planning my blog topic, it gets me on a mind trip. Basically, it’s a circle of applause where I use my awesome metacognitive functioning skills to think about how much thinking I’m doing and how cool it is, which goes on and on infinitely with a big wowwwwwwww track in the background. At the beginning of the month, I had the amazing opportunity to play with the Vancouver Symphony again. The group is a paid organization of professional musicians and I love playing with them, but it takes a ton of concentration and care to keep up with their high level of playing. When I’m totally in the zone and bending my brain in so many directions, I inevitably start daydreaming about how many synapses are firing. Then, of course, I go into a mad panic because I realize that my thought train got derailed and I’m not paying as much attention as I should. As a musician, I am physically controlling precise, small muscle movements, pacing my breathing, and using full body movement to feel the flow of the music in tandem with those around me. I’m simultaneously remembering what just occurred, playing in the moment, and tracking ahead to hear what comes next in order to prepare before I get there. I’m listening to myself, the principal oboist, the woodwind section, the brass and percussion in front of me, the strings ahead, and the sound that comes bouncing back to me from the end of the hall. Time is metered and precise, but placed on a shifting landscape of flowing tempo changes that all start at the tip of a stick 20 ft away from me. The mental graph that I’m following also exists in the vertical direction of pitch as well as a third dimension that I can’t quite visualize with the colors of timbre, volume, density, opacity, and weight. I don’t have the tools to realize or describe all of the thing that my mind is doing in just a few seconds of intense playing! And yet, somehow, I do it – and I do it well, all thanks to the power of my mind. Let’s celebrate this enormous gift and give it a good stretch today. Happy holidays!


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National Get to Know Your Customers Day

Happy National Get to Know Your Customers Day!

National Get to Know Your Customers DayHello!

My work on Fiverr has been such a blessing and I still keep pushing off the eventual end date when I will close down my profile and move onto something else full time. Working freelance definitely has ups and downs, but it is exactly the kind of work that fits my type A, introvert personality. I get to work from my couch, communicate exclusively through my keyboard, build my own work schedule, and work on a huge range of projects. Hallelujah! Of course, paired with that is the headache of quarterly tax payments, obnoxious buyers who try to get free work, and the stress of constant, ticking delivery timers. I have just completed three full years working on the site and in that time I have completed 7,000 writing, blog promotion, modeling, and product review orders. I don’t have an exact count on the number of customers that I have worked with, but I would estimate that I have delivered to at least 5,000 different users. Plus, I have worked with customers in 68% of all countries in the world. It’s interesting because so many people come in for a single project or task and then I never have any more interaction with them, but there are a select few that turn into a more collaborative, long term relationship. These are my favorite! I rarely share specific information about me or get to know them on a personal level, but it’s fun to gather little bits of knowledge about the person behind the username as orders and deliveries span weeks and even months like clockwork. Connecting through a screen is a little awkward and it definitely makes it hard to get to know people, but I really do love my customers. Happy holidays!


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National Evaluate Your Life Day

Happy National Evaluate Your Life Day!

National Evaluate Your Life DayHello!

I consider myself to be a generally perseverant person and although I might not always be peppy and perky, I try not to wallow. Recently, I have found myself in a dark corner of my life, wallowing and avoiding. My bullet journals are for more than tracking appointments, blog posts, freelance jobs, lesson plans, and chores. I also have been tracking my rating for the day in both the morning and afternoon. My favorite -5 to 5 rating system centers around 0 as the perfect neutral point. Recently, I have been marking down a lot more negative signs than I would like, and it seems to build and build. I’m stressed out about my job, which makes me tired and grumpy, which makes me not want to do chores, which makes our house feel dingy, which makes me grumpy… and on and on we go. My days are too full of things that I don’t like and I feel like I’m losing my passions. So far today, I took my poor little kitty to the vet with more ear problems, waged the next phase of battle against a big army of tiny ants, deep cleaned all of the nooks and crannies that I have purposefully been ignoring, took on the overflowing laundry hamper, finished my writing projects for the day, and stared at the ceiling like a dying robot. I have never been one for frivolous pick-me-ups, but nothing right now is fun. My job, other job, other other job, volunteering, different volunteering, and housework currently offer me so little fulfillment. I think I have lost my mojo and it’s time to get it back. Evaluation over, planning commence. Happy holidays!


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National No Beard Day

Happy National No Beard Day!

National No Beard DayHello!

This manly man right here has been super lazy about shaving or trimming his beard and it’s growing a little bit wild. I know that right now there’s a big hipster trend with thick, plush beards and the market for high end organic grooming products to suit is even bigger. I can’t tell you how many descriptions I have written for organic beard oils, trimming kits, neck beard anglers, and brushes! Add in all of the glitter beard and flower beard videos that have crossed my Insta discover feed, and I am more than aware of this trend. Just as my hairy winter legs aren’t a symbol of feminist rebellion, his budding beard is not a fashion statement. We’re just lazy, busy, worn out people. This evening, I followed him into the bathroom with the intent to snap some before and after pictures to celebrate National No Beard Day. How great is my husband for voluntarily partaking in my holiday celebration, right? He got the first bits of his mustache trimmed up and then – bam. His razor died. What perfect timing! I am already rocking the celebration with no beard on my face, but Eric wasn’t quite able to meet the mark. Maybe next year? Happy holidays!


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