National Coffee Day

Happy National Coffee Day!

National Coffee DayHello!

My busy week continues! I’m still holding in there and somehow I am managing to stay upright, although it would definitely be easier to just succumb and tip over. I have always been a little skeptical of the caffeine and coffee addiction hype, but I’m pretending to believe in it right now in the hopes that I can enjoy the side effects that everyone jabbers on about. The stereotypical Gilmore Girls-esque monologue about needing a morning cup of coffee to boost productivity is so cliche! Even if there is caffeine inside, which I am not dispelling, I just can’t believe that it’s enough to really perk you up and enhance your mood or productivity. I feel like it’s such an overdone urban myth that everyone buys into for the sake of having a go-to small talk topic in the mornings. If you have an evidenced coffee addiction and caffeinated symptom tracking log, I am happy to listen, but otherwise I’m going to internally roll my eyes when you try to me tell me that you can’t complete a task until your mug is empty. Yes, I started my day with a cup of coffee and am splitting a french press pot with my husband after school before hitting the road for Vancouver, but I would bet you money that I can do it without it too. Keep up the coffee hype, but can we kill the java memes if you think they’re real? Happy holidays!


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National Good Neighbor Day

Happy National Good Neighbor Day!

National Good Neighbor DayHello!

Our neighborhood definitely isn’t upscale and we haven’t run into any young families who are especially eager to welcome us with plates of fresh baked muffins, but that’s fine with me. My expectations for being good neighbors seems to be a pretty easy list of tasks to fulfill. Of course, the majority of people on our floor at the PDX apartment had some trouble complying. It should be noted here that I’m not talking about being friendly or welcoming neighbors, just basically decent people. Do you steal? Do you vandalize your neighbor’s home or property? Does your stuff bleed beyond your allotted space? Do your smells waft into common spaces or beyond? Are you noisy? Are you messy and visibly disgusting? If you answered no to all of these questions, then I officially award you a congratulatory pat on the back. From one neighbor to another, nice job! The one that most people, in my experience, have failed are in the smell and noise departments. If you’re going to invite thirty people into your home for lengthy rounds of shouting and vocal strength contests, please just – well, actually, let me stop right there: just don’t. Smelly cooking, putrid trash piles, and odorous clouds of ‘herbs and spices,’ as Eric likes to joke, should not waft into my living room or knock me flat when I walk on the side walk in front of your house! Get it together, people. Being a good neighbor is not that hard. Figure it out with me and celebrate happy holidays!


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National Chocolate Milk Day

Happy National Chocolate Milk Day!

National Chocolate Milk DayHello!

Well, the drive was long and the bags under my eyes are monstrous, but I made it home safely from the symphony rehearsal last night. Even better, I survived another day as an elementary music teacher! Both of those feats alone are pretty monstrous, but I’m going to shower myself in comfort food and compliments for surviving both. One of the comfort foods that is crossing my blanket-clad spot on the couch is a big jug of chocolate milk! I didn’t grow up drinking chocolate milk and I don’t like plain milk much in the first place. I don’t know about you, but watery chocolate milk was always associated with school lunch. Meh, I’ll pass. The super creamy, thick varieties of chocolate milk that are basically cream and syrup, however, are heaven! My high school had a highly trafficked convenience store across the street and there was definitely a streak of time when my friends would make the trek every afternoon to purchase a half gallon jug of whole chocolate milk, each. I rarely participated in the ritual, but was keen to steal a drink when they weren’t looking. This is definitely another nostalgia filled food holiday. Uncap your milk lid or open the paper carton and sip down some chocolate goodness. Happy holidays!


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National Dumpling Day

Happy National Dumpling Day!

National Dumpling DayHello!

Eric and I whipped up some amazing potstickers a few weeks ago in honor of National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day. The kimchi pork potstickers were incredibly delicious and although wrapping tons of wontons is quite time consuming, it’s actually rather therapeutic. Today, however, I have no such luxury to spend my afternoon or evening carefully crafting a killer meal. Today was one of my work days at the elementary school, which means that I’m automatically void of energy by the time I walk the last class out of my room. Unfortunately, and also very fortunately, I’m also subbing a paid position with the Vancouver Symphony for a concert this weekend so I have rehearsals all week in the evenings. The commute is pretty freaking long to get up to Vancouver from the middle of the valley, but the opportunity is too good to pass up. I wouldn’t miss it for the world! In order to get out of town on time to sit through rush hour traffic in PDX, I’m slurping down a super fast holiday meal at my favorite thai restaurant. I haven’t ever tried House of Noodle’s wonton appetizer, but today is the day! These crispy meat pockets of greatness are going to give me the comfort food boost of energy that I need to make the drive, play well, and get home without falling asleep at the wheel. Enjoy a delicious dinner or side of dumplings, whether they’re boiled, fried, or simmering in your soup. Happy holidays!


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National Comic Book Day

Happy National Comic Book Day!

National Comic Book DayHello!

Honestly, I don’t think that I have ever purchased a comic book in my life. If I wasn’t married to my adorably nerdy husband, I definitely would not be able to celebrate this holiday. I was a little worried as I looked at the calendar this morning and was afraid that I might have ruined my chances of celebration. Right before we moved, I went through our overflowing book case and sorted out books to sell and give away that were taking up space. I initiated the same purge activity for Eric and gingerly suggested that he toss out some stuff too. He had a thick, bound collection of Green Lantern comics that I celebrated and read through two years ago, but it went in our sale pile right before the move. Not only would I be the worst wife ever if I squelched his small comic collection, but I would also be a pretty poor holiday blogger. Lucky for me, he stood his ground and held onto two volumes of the Scott Pilgrim comics. Just as I let out a received sigh and started flipping through those books, I saw an another comic on the side table that he just picked up a few days ago at the comic book shop. Yep, nothing to worry about. Best wife ever. Best blogger ever. Boom, comics galore! Happy holidays!


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National Lace Day

Happy National Lace Day!

National Lace DayHello!

I was looking through my closet a few weeks ago and discovered a major lack of hangers and a serious disdain for most of the garments in my collection. It was amazing how many things didn’t fit my physical form or current style. I still had shirts from early high school hiding in there! I would put something on, change the minute before I left the house, and then toss the clothes back on the hanger. The cycle continued until my wardrobe was 70% full of clothes that I never actually wore. I hated feeling like I had nothing to wear, even though I barely had room to hang anything up. I went through and tried on literally everything in my closet with a brutally honest eye and a trash bag at the ready. After four episodes of Parks and Recreation and endless mirror checks, I had two huge trash bags stuffed with old clothes that should have been purged a long time ago! I have slowly been restocking my wardrobe with clothes that I truly want to wear and I’m trying really hard to actually shop for the right size. I am trying everything on before I buy it and only getting things that I truly love. There’s no shame in that! Of course, it’s not super fun when the dressing room attendant throws shade for walking in with 25 items and buying 2. This lace top is one of the newest purchases in my body peace closet initiative. Celebrate lace that makes you feel great. Happy holidays!


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National Love Note Day

Happy National Love Note Day!

National Love Note DayHello!

One of the best things about dating in high school was the shameless note passing between classes. It wasn’t quite as cringy as the movies, but there were definitely cute doodles, hearts, and poems. Okay, more from me than Eric, but he drew some pretty decent pictures! I’m pretty sure our teachers didn’t appreciate the lack of focus or intent doodling and paper folding, but that’s the price of young love. We have an old shoe box up in the attic filled with some of those special notes, photos, and memories from the early part of our relationship. I tend to get really distracted when I clean or organize and always get sucked into inspecting and reading everything that I come across. Obviously, I absolutely had to go through the memory box when we moved two months ago. I definitely remembered some things and expected to find them, but there were also some sweet surprises. Love notes are a little cliche and ridiculous, but they’re also beautiful markers of time. I was able to remember funny moments and memories in our own handwriting and get a glimpse into the middle of a normal day that is so far away from the world that I live in now. Storing screenshots of text conversations just doesn’t quite have the same punch of nostalgia as a folded piece of notebook paper with hand-drawn hearts. Happy holidays!


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