National Peach Pie Day

Happy National Peach Pie Day!

National Peach Pie DayHello!

We moved back to Albany at kind of a weird time because most everyone is still finishing up the last moments of summer. It seems like people are all working weird shifts, immersed in time-consuming projects, or soaking up final vacation opportunities. In honor of getting the life group gang back together, we had a barbecue over the weekend and most everyone was able to make it. In addition to the delicious burgers that Caitie made for us, we were all supposed to bring a side to share. I opted for dessert when I saw this holiday coming up so soon. We snagged this delicious peach and blueberry pie from the store and took the stickers off of it to potentially pass as homemade. Classy. When we got there, the birthday boy had his favorite mini tray of dessert made for him – and a massive tray for everyone else to share. Apparently mother in laws really like to feed the masses. It was delicious! We ate the birthday treat and packed the pies back into my car. I was feeling a little guilty about celebrating this holiday several days early, but karma got me. I have been eating pie for breakfast every day! Trust me, I don’t mind the chore. Put a big semi-frozen slice in the microwave for 45 seconds and I’m in pie heaven. There’s fruit in there so it’s healthy – right?


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National Ride The Wind Day

Happy National Ride The Wind Day!

National Ride The Wind DayHello!

Today’s national holiday celebration is all about adventure. With the wind in your hair and a stunning view on the horizon, you can experience true exhilaration. I would love to say that I launched off in a hot air balloon high above the ground this morning or that I parasailed off a mountain. It would be cool if I even managed to run really fast and toss my hair back in the wind, but this isn’t that kind of story. I have some volunteering tasks on my plate today and quite a bit of work scheduled on Fiverr, so the dream of grand adventure is a little out of reach. Eric and I just realized yesterday that we haven’t gone on a vacation of any kind for over a year. That was mostly because we were both busy with work, exhausted from school, and lacking serious fun-money funds. We joked about running up to the airport and snagging the first cheap flight out for a two-day mini adventure before our job trainings start on Thursday. Like always, the conversation died there with a chuckle and we both settled back into our routines, this time with an adorable cat snuggling between us on the couch. This morning, we got up and went for a breezy walk that enhanced the gorgeous turquoise blue color of the sky. And somehow that wind is enough for me today. Happy holidays!


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National Be An Angel Day

Happy National Be An Angel Day!

National Be An Angel DayHello!

Obviously, I try to be an angel everyday with immense doses of compassion, care, love, and patience, but I rarely succeed. Today, I’m working extra hard and sporting my halo, whether I deserve it or not. My first angelic task this morning was vacuuming the rug, running a load of laundry, and doing the dishes to help fill my chore quota that has been woefully neglected. It’s not much, but it’s a start. My mom is the true angel today with the brightest halo because she offered to help me clean my classroom and get it organized. I just got hired last week to be an elementary music teacher in town and I’ll actually be teaching at my old school with some of my own homeroom teachers still in the building. The dungeon room off of the gym is in exactly the same dingy state as when I left there eleven years ago. Technically, this is still summer break, but as a new teacher with cupboards full of broken equipment, unorganized resource books, and uncovered bulletin boards, I simply can’t wait until I’m getting paid to go in and get to work. I spent a few hours last week taking everything out of the teacher book cupboard and couldn’t believe the spider webs, dust, disorganized piles of useless things, and literal garbage that I found stuffed inside. I’m definitely glad to have another hand to help me clean, catalogue, and organize to get my room to feel a little bit more like my own.


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National Spumoni Day

Happy National Spumoni Day!

National Spumoni DayHello!

Have I mentioned yet that it’s stupidly hot right now? Well, it is. I’m basically melting onto the couch and our cat’s preferred resting place is to be fully stretched out on the floor at a maximum of two feet away from the water dish. Side note – Vice Purrsident Joe Biden hasn’t been formally introduced here yet, but I’m sure that a holiday-centered reason will arrive soon to do just that. I was excited to see this holiday on the calendar once I Googled the wacky word and found out that it’s ice cream. Let’s do this! Of course, we have limited selection of Italian restaurants in town, none of which are authentic, and my Yelp searches revealed a serious lack of spumoni in my area. In a last ditch effort, I scoured the freezer aisle and grabbed a tub of pistachio ice cream. Technically, spumoni is a layered dish of pistachio, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream with cherries, almonds, and pistachios sprinkled inside, so I’m a third of the way to eating the real thing. I’m okay with those odds. Grab some authentic Spumoni if you can find it or just capitalize on your favorite flavor of the trio. Either way, it’s the perfect way to cool down in this heat. Happy holidays!


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National Radio Day

Happy National Radio Day!

National Radio DayHello!

I have a minor obsession with National Public Radio for long drives and I was basically the queen of the NPR news quiz Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me this past year. I had a long commute from downtown Portland to the far side of the Gresham suburb all school year that ranged anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour and 40 minutes, depending on traffic. I spent a lot of time in my car, more than I would ever like to again, and I had to find meaningful ways to pass the time. Eric and I have tried listening to a few podcasts, but my car is too old to have a plug in for my phone and I don’t like having to always plan ahead for my podcast downloads. The same thing is true with my Spotify Premium account. I would much rather listen to my personalized Discover playlist in the car than the massively overplayed top pop charts and cringe-worthy DJ’s, but I don’t keep my offline playlists stocked and it’s just a pain. The radio serves my purposes only because technology hasn’t quite caught up with me, or at least I can’t afford to snag the tech that does what I want in my car. I honestly think that universal wifi, if we still call it that, will completely erase car radios for good. If I could download, stream, and access music, podcasts, and generally enticing entertainment from anywhere without having to worry about data use, I don’t think I would ever use my radio again. Set your dial for something interesting and celebrate. Happy holidays!


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National Soft Serve Ice Cream Day

Happy National Soft Serve Ice Cream Day!

National Soft Serve Ice Cream DayHello!

It is fuh-reaking hot outside today and our cozy little shack doesn’t have air conditioning. In fact, we don’t even own a fan. Good God, we’re screwed. I basically died last night and had to get up from my sleepless stirring to take a cold shower and try to cool down. Estimates say we’re looking at a high of 107 degrees today in the forecast, which I simply cannot cope with. I have always been more comfortable in warmer weather than cold and I have a slight aversion to air conditioning, but this is ridiculous. I got dressed this morning in as little clothing as I could manage, put on a good slather of sunscreen, and we took off for an early walk to Hasty Freez. They open at 10 AM and we were first in line for cool treats. I am obsessed with soft serve vanilla ice cream, but it’s even better with the Flavor Burst blue raspberry syrup on the edges. I realize that a 10 AM ice cream run probably isn’t a healthy solution and it kind of defeats the purpose of walking down there, but I would do anything for this holiday. It’s one of the greats and definitely at the top of my list of food holiday faves. Grab your own towering soft serve ice cream swirl cone to celebrate and beat the heat! Happy holidays.


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National Bad Poetry Day

Happy National Bad Poetry Day!

National Bad Poetry DayHello!

In an attempt to fuel my creative passions and make the most out of my days without just resorting to Netflix binging, I have tasked myself with some new daily challenges. As this blog demonstrates, the only way that I can stick with a goal and create a habit is if I do it everyday. Once a week or every other day goal setting simply will not work. The first day that I take off is the ultimate end of my success. As I work toward my looming goal of auditioning for a spot in a symphony orchestra, I have been practicing my oboe every day for an hour, which I honestly don’t think I have ever done in my life – even as a music student in college! In order to fulfill my newfound writing aspirations, I am now also making sure that I write every day. Of course, I write on the blog daily and have copywriting work for my Fiverr business, but those things seem like work. This creative writing task is just for me and to help me get better as I define my voice and try new things. They started out as daily short stories, which morphed into longer narratives, and lately I have been dabbling in poetry. My mom is a rockstar and agrees to read my stuff every day and send back a quick sentence or two with critiques and thoughts. This poem and haiku are ones that received the lowest ratings so I’m submitting them to the world on National Bad Poetry Day. Note that I accidentally added a syllable in the first line of my haiku as I drew it out on paper. Like, I said – bad poetry. Some day I think I might share the good stuff. Happy holidays!


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