National Shower with a Friend Day

Happy National Shower with a Friend Day!

National Shower with a Friend DayHello!

I’m not keen on embracing the concept of a social shower. The occasional locker room shower with a group full of girls and elderly women at the pool was enough to scare me away. Joey Cat is a bit of a creeper and he usually sits on the bathroom counter while I take a shower. It started as just staring through the cracked door, then he worked his way onto the floor rug, tried sitting on the top of the toilet, and now he’ll perch on the edge of the sink and put his feet up on the door to high-five me and watch the water run across the glass. Eric swears that one morning Joe even jumped on top of the shower doors to be closer to him, but I haven’t seen it happen and I’m not convinced that it wasn’t a morning hallucination. He stands by his story that he had his eyes closed while he was shampooing and when he opened his eyes, Joe was bending down off the top of the shower door with whiskers in his face. Eric was scared that he would fall, or jump, in and claw him to death when he realized the terrible consequences of his choice. Apparently Joe made the right choice to stay in a dry place and found his way back to the floor safely while Eric remained unscathed from the encounter. Like I said, I haven’t seen it so I’m skeptical. No scratches, no proof! Shower with a friend and celebrate – happy holidays!