National Barber Day

Happy National Barber Day!

National Barber DayHello!

No one ever looks cute halfway through a haircut with wet hair plastered to their face, but I simply had to get a matching before and after selfie with Beth! Beth has cut my mom’s hair literally forever so it’s only natural that I would do the same. I’m not fussy and I don’t come in to get my hair cut nearly as often as I should, but it’s so nice to get a great haircut and chat with her in the meantime. I know I’m probably far less chatty than the average lady to sit down in her chair, but I do enjoy the conversation. I’m convinced that barbers, hair stylists, and nail techs are the most ‘in the know’ people in town. What else are you going to do while you sit and get your hair cut except talk? Dentists would have the same scuttlebutt advantage if they didn’t insist on putting their hands in your mouth the whole time! I enjoyed a nice walk down to her shop under super cloudy skies that threatened to rain, but never did and walked back out with a fresh new bob! If it wasn’t for the holiday reminder to schedule an appointment to see her, I would probably still be complaining about split ends and thinking that my hair was getting a little longer than I really want it to be. I think that she should send out appointment reminder texts like my dentist because I never remember to go in for my hair check up on time! Go see your barber or hair stylist today for a fresh new look and enjoy happy holidays.


national pepper pot day

Happy National Pepper Pot Day!

national pepper pot dayHello!

I was joking with Eric today that I’m becoming like the movie ‘Julie and Julia’ but instead of cooking my way through the Julia Child cookbook I’m cooking my way through the holidays! Today’s holiday celebrates a delicious, hearty soup with a peppery punch! I followed one of the trusty instructions for pepper pot soup and we tossed all of the components into the crockpot this morning for a day full of slow cooking. By the time we were ready for dinner, so was my soup! It’s funny, though, because everyone in the house seemed to have a different opinion about the amount of pepper in it. My mouth was on fire, Eric thought it might have had just a bit too much spice, mom absolutely loved it, and dad said that he had to shake loads of extra pepper in  because it was far too bland. That soup pot was peppery enough for me! On a side note, can you spot the difference between the two photos? Happy holidays!


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Happy National Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day!



So I decided to do something drastic today and although you think this photo has nothing to do with today’s holiday I assure you it does! I made my hair appointment last week and knew I needed a trim but wasn’t sure if I wanted to do something totally different…

I, like every other child around 1997, had the usual blunt bangs, short hair combo that was the bridge from baby to toddler. You can imagine my hesitance to revert to looking like a small child again but I also needed something different for fun. And so the particularly preposterous packaging began… I had to package my ideas in a way that would allow myself to convince myself!

I convinced myself that I should look like a celebrity, that makes sense right? I contemplated Sandra Bullock’s shoulder length sleek or Jennifer Aniston’s windswept famous tresses. Then I realized: I’m not turning toddler, I’m turning TSwift. Yes! That’s what I’m doing!! My good friend Taylor can pull it off, although I don’t have the red pout to pair, so I can too!