National Frozen Yogurt Day

Happy National Frozen Yogurt Day!

National Frozen Yogurt DayHello!

In case you haven’t heard, I’m a massive fan of ice cream and I guess frozen yogurt is okay on occasion too. I have to exercise my newly developed willpower every time I cross the freezer aisle because it’s all too tempting to reach in and fill my arms with Ben & Jerry’s. I even had to throw away my B&J coupons because I would use them as an excuse to talk myself into buying ice cream, get up to the check stand, and then realize that I left the coupon at home. The cycle continued for far too long before I had to be honest and admit that I was playing myself and would never actually remember to bring it. It’s a dangerous game! Lucky for me, I’m not that much of a fan of froyo so walking into Yogurt Extreme wasn’t an enormous risk for this recovering ice cream-aholic. A little bit of cake batter froyo with caramelized walnuts, crushed reeses peanut butter cups, crushed butterfinger, crushed oreo, a dusting of graham cracker, and a drizzle of hot fudge makes a pretty good combination. Don’t be fooled by the blue sky reflected in the door! As soon as I pulled out of the parking lot, it started hailing hard and I was trapped in my car in the driveway, eating my frozen yogurt and listening to the end of a Mahler symphony waiting for a break in the hail and rain. No matter how hard we wish in honor of the holiday, it’s simply not frozen yogurt season yet. Grab a spoon and celebrate! Happy holidays.


National Croissant Day

Happy National Croissant Day!

National Croissant DayHello!

Now that I’m back home, snuggling with my kitty on the couch and blasting my Spotify Discover playlist with a cup of Kirkland Keurig coffee on the table next to me, I’m reminiscing over San Francisco. Our return was inevitable, if not thoroughly planned, and it wasn’t hard to get back into my normal routine, but we had an amazing weekend and it would be a little odd if I wasn’t sad to leave, right? It was a simple, quick weekend out for Eric’s birthday and we didn’t have anything specific planned outside of the usual tourist stops and lots of good eating. Yesterday morning, we stopped in at a local cafe that only serves natural, organic food. Personally, that’s not a big deal for me, but it was super fresh and yummy! Eric opted for the bagel while I took advantage of the opportunity to bite into a buttery, flaky breakfast sandwich with a croissant bun! We sipped on tea lattes to accompany the meal and had a very nice, relaxing little brunch before bus-hopping across the city. With a full stomach, good energy, and mildly sore feet from lots of walking, we spent the last day exploring the Golden Gate Park and standing at the base of the infamous Golden Gate Bridge. We were blessed with beautiful weather for the whole weekend and enjoyed truly beautiful views of the city. We’re a pair of homebodies, but do love to travel. I can’t wait for our next little adventure and to discover another delicious take on a fluffy croissant. Happy holidays!


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National Green Juice Day

Happy National Green Juice Day!

National Green Juice DayHello!

Today is turning into a detox and work day. After the gym this morning, I put on a face mask, poured myself a big glass of green juice in honor of the holiday, and started cleaning around the house! There’s nothing that a tingly face mask and yummy smoothie can’t fix! I got this cayenne pepper and lemon face mask in my birchbox and loved it so much that I had to buy the full size. It’s seriously amazing. It tingles just a little bit when you put it on as it dries, but it feels so nice when you exfoliate and wash it off. It’s the pick-me-up that I needed! Today is Eric’s birthday, but the real festivities and celebration happen tomorrow when we fly into San Francisco for a quick weekend away! As excited as I am for that, it also means that today’s schedule is quite full. I want to make sure that the house is clean and tidy before we leave because there’s nothing fun about coming back to home to a messy house. I’m also working overtime to deliver everything in my Fiverr queue so that I don’t have to worry about work while we’re out and about! Plus, we both teach lessons tonight so we don’t even have time for a birthday dinner on his special day. Looking at the time tick by, I am feeling just a wee bit stressed about getting everything crossed off of my to-do list, but I’m sure that it will all get done. The face mask and juice session wasn’t exactly on the list, but it’s for a special holiday treat for me. Happy holidays!


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National Beer Can Day

Happy National Beer Can Day!

National Beer Can DayHello!

I’m not a beer drinker – like, literally at all, but I am an appreciator of good beer art. Cinema is stealing a lot of this era’s best composers and beer producers also seem to be big investors in artistic talents. Soda labels need to get on board because the variety and quality of beer labels completely outshines them! Like I said, beer doesn’t sit well with me and I don’t really like the taste of it, so if we ever go into that aisle, it’s exclusively for Eric. He’s a fan of IPAs and also a very modest connoisseur. While he’s browsing for a treat, I get to enjoy the art gallery! We threw this holiday shopping trip into an Target run and were a little disappointed at the lack of cans available in the fridge case. There were a lot of super cool bottle and case designs, but the holiday is pretty specific about the metal can container. I took out this six-pack to snap a picture and Eric said he would take one for the team and buy a box so that I could take a picture of the cans inside. My hero! He is always such a gem for helping me with random holiday-related errands and taking silly pictures of me for the blog. I suppose if he gets a little enjoyment out of it, then that’s really what the holiday is all about! Enjoy the artsy beauty of a beer can and celebrate responsibly. Happy holidays!


National Popcorn Day

Happy National Popcorn Day!

National Popcorn DayHello!

Ice cream has always been my favorite, go-to snack growing up. At my parent’s house, you can almost always find a Costco carton of french vanilla ice cream in the freezer. Vanilla is one of my least favorite flavors, but I still ate it as a frequent snack just because it was ice cream and it was available. When I moved out for college and was in charge of my own grocery shopping trips, I kept up the frequent presence of ice cream in my freezer, but made sure to choose the flavors that I really loved. My obsession with ice cream blew up and I realized that I really had to knock it off and find a better snack. A year ago, I decided that I wasn’t going to buy it anymore unless it was for a particular occasion in an effort to cut it out. It turns out, if you don’t have it in the house, you’re less likely to eat it! Go figure! For better or worse, popcorn has become my new snack of choice. If I was really smart, I would be into the zero calorie smart pop version, but that’s just not my style. If it’s not extra butter, then it’s not worth eating! I’ll plant myself down with a wet paper towel and shove handful after handful of buttery popcorn in my mouth to finish the bag before it has cooled. I feel a lot better about eating a bag of popcorn than a heaping bowl of ice cream, even if neither snack is really a healthy option. I just like to remind myself that my usual three scoops would have about 450 more calories than the single bag of microwave popcorn. That’s a yummy win for me! Pop up a bag and celebrate – happy holidays!


National Hot Tea Day

Happy National Hot Tea Day!

National Hot Tea DayHello!

Today’s highest temperature is forecasted to be a balmy 32 degrees! I seriously need a cup of hot tea this morning. Last night, Eric and I were in the middle of a fun gaming session when we heard a loud boom outside and the power shut off. Just as soon as I dug out candles and settled on the couch, he had his coat on and decided we still had time to make it for happy hour! I blew out the candles and we left our poor little kitty home in the dark to head out to our favorite local spot. When we couldn’t sit and snack any longer, we headed back home to find that the power situation had not been resolved. A neighbor said the power company’s estimate was to be fixed by 9 PM so we launched into phase two of our coping plan, packed a bag, and headed for my parent’s house. At least they had wifi and a working heater! I’m back home this morning and Eric is off at work, but our house is still a little chillier than normal because the heat was off for so long and the temperature has dropped to ridiculous temperatures. Like I said, I’m really thankful for the reminder to make a cup of hot tea this morning and the blissful opportunity to drink it with Spotify jams blasting and a kitty snuggled on my lap. What’s in your cup this morning?


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National Tempura Day

Happy National Tempura Day!

National Tempura DayHello!

Eric, mom, and I got together for what is becoming our annual National Tempura Day celebration. We went out on our tempura date a few days ago because the weather channel has been forecasting the end of days here with a winter storm advisory. We get far more rain in the valley than anything else so we don’t really have the expertise or equipment to deal with snow and ice. School literally gets cancelled when we have 1/8 inch of snow on the ground and the sidewalks are a little slippery. It’s kind of a laugh, but it’s also just the nature of unfamiliar weather. Other people panic when it’s pouring down rain, but that’s the norm for us. Anyway, I knew that my Saturday would be screwed up no matter what and had to shift plans. If it wasn’t going to be a winter weather catastrophe of freezing rain and snow that shut us into the house, then I would still have a huge stack of oboe lessons to attend to all day. I wanted to be on the safe side and make sure that the tempura was enjoyed in Eric’s and my mom’s wonderful company! To be extra celebratory, I got two tempura dishes, although it was a total fluke. I ordered the tempura vegetables on purpose, but I panicked a little bit when it was my turn to order. I picked a random sushi roll off of the lunch specials menu and hoped that I would get lucky. It was amazing! It felt a little bit like eating the cheeseburger equivalent of sushi with cream cheese, avocado, a spicy cream sauce, and tempura coating, but it was super flavorful and delicious. Plus, tempura was exactly what I was looking for! Happy holidays.


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