National Ballet Day

Happy National Ballet Day!

National Ballet DayHello!

I know that I must have told my ballet failure story about a million times by now, but since I lack any imaginable skill as a ballerina, this is kind of all that I have to offer today! As a child, my mom signed me up for ballet lessons and I distinctly remember going to Payless Shoes with her to pick out my first pair of overpriced, soft pink ballet flats. That might have actually been my first attempt at entering the sports world. Spoiler alert: all other attempts ended in a similar downward spiral. I thought that I was doing decently well in the pre-K ballet class, but I was exceptionally bored. I didn’t want to learn the foot positions or how to count out the number of steps to walk across the room and hand off a flower with a curtsy. Instead, I did things my own way and added plenty of twirls, twists, jumps, and gestures to infuse my own style. I didn’t even make it to our first performance before my membership in the class was politely declined and I was asked not to come back. I think that even worse than being a bad dancer is not realizing the unfortunate truth. Even to this day, I have to remind myself that the beautiful shapes and smooth body lines that I imagine I am creating are not transferring successfully into the real world. Sometimes I still think that I have the super skinny, bony body from my childhood and also have to suffer shocking shift of reality when I pass a mirror. I want to be ballerina or gymnast so badly. I want to have grace, stamina, balance, and elegance in my movements! I suppose I have pretty decent balance, but one basic skill a dancer does not make. Break out your ballet shoes, or scarring memories, and celebrate happy holidays!


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National Barber Day

Happy National Barber Day!

National Barber DayHello!

No one ever looks cute halfway through a haircut with wet hair plastered to their face, but I simply had to get a matching before and after selfie with Beth! Beth has cut my mom’s hair literally forever so it’s only natural that I would do the same. I’m not fussy and I don’t come in to get my hair cut nearly as often as I should, but it’s so nice to get a great haircut and chat with her in the meantime. I know I’m probably far less chatty than the average lady to sit down in her chair, but I do enjoy the conversation. I’m convinced that barbers, hair stylists, and nail techs are the most ‘in the know’ people in town. What else are you going to do while you sit and get your hair cut except talk? Dentists would have the same scuttlebutt advantage if they didn’t insist on putting their hands in your mouth the whole time! I enjoyed a nice walk down to her shop under super cloudy skies that threatened to rain, but never did and walked back out with a fresh new bob! If it wasn’t for the holiday reminder to schedule an appointment to see her, I would probably still be complaining about split ends and thinking that my hair was getting a little longer than I really want it to be. I think that she should send out appointment reminder texts like my dentist because I never remember to go in for my hair check up on time! Go see your barber or hair stylist today for a fresh new look and enjoy happy holidays.


National Croissant Day

Happy National Croissant Day!

National Croissant DayHello!

Now that I’m back home, snuggling with my kitty on the couch and blasting my Spotify Discover playlist with a cup of Kirkland Keurig coffee on the table next to me, I’m reminiscing over San Francisco. Our return was inevitable, if not thoroughly planned, and it wasn’t hard to get back into my normal routine, but we had an amazing weekend and it would be a little odd if I wasn’t sad to leave, right? It was a simple, quick weekend out for Eric’s birthday and we didn’t have anything specific planned outside of the usual tourist stops and lots of good eating. Yesterday morning, we stopped in at a local cafe that only serves natural, organic food. Personally, that’s not a big deal for me, but it was super fresh and yummy! Eric opted for the bagel while I took advantage of the opportunity to bite into a buttery, flaky breakfast sandwich with a croissant bun! We sipped on tea lattes to accompany the meal and had a very nice, relaxing little brunch before bus-hopping across the city. With a full stomach, good energy, and mildly sore feet from lots of walking, we spent the last day exploring the Golden Gate Park and standing at the base of the infamous Golden Gate Bridge. We were blessed with beautiful weather for the whole weekend and enjoyed truly beautiful views of the city. We’re a pair of homebodies, but do love to travel. I can’t wait for our next little adventure and to discover another delicious take on a fluffy croissant. Happy holidays!


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National Red Lipstick Day

Happy National Red Lipstick Day!

National Red Lipstick DayHello!

After an hour of window shopping online and crafting a Christmas wishlist, I wondered how I ended up here. Then, I saw this open blog post tab in the corner of my browser. Oh yeah, I was just starting to write my blog about red lipstick when I got a little distracted, which quickly turned into a complete redirect. I have been eyeing two Kylie lipkits for quite some time, but I still haven’t pulled the trigger on buying one. Part of me doesn’t want to support Kylie Jenner’s business, but mostly I just don’t want to pay that much for a lipstick. Not to mention, I’m not going to play along with the frenzy of trying to be fast enough to snag one during a restock before they sell out in 3 minutes. In any case, I opened a new tab and meandered over to find that the red lipstick color that I am in love with is actually in stock. I still haven’t worked up enough desire to shell out $30 for a kit, though, so I put it on the empty Christmas list that has been collecting cobwebs in my notes. Now that my Christmas list was started, I simply had to online shop for sweaters, boots, candles, perfume, and trendy succulent planters. Vanity and selfishness ran amuck for far too long, but at least my Christmas list is full. Adding in the fact that I spent 30 minutes trying to perfect my makeup and snap the most flattering pictures, I’m not super proud of my the work that I have accomplished today. I need to go volunteer or read something to make up for it. Indulge in a moment of vanity with a bold swipe of red lipstick, then get back to business. Happy holidays!


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National Love Your Red Hair Day

Happy National Love Your Red Hair Day!

National Love Your Red Hair Day


As much as I complain about my lack of hair volume and having to style it the same way every day, I am super blessed by my tresses. The color is exactly on the strawberry blonde line so there are moments, seasons, and periods of my life when it looks more red and other times when it has a caramel blonde color. This holiday comes at exactly the right time because my hair is starting to get a little bit darker and redder in the fall. I spend hours looking at gorgeous ombre dye jobs and am slightly obsessed with galaxy hair trends, but I wouldn’t ever want to go away from what’s so perfectly and naturally mine. Do you remember the dip dye trend that took over about 5 years ago, right around the time of tinsel and clip in feathers? It was essentially a precursor to the more sophisticated ombre styles that are so common right now. I was so obsessed with it that I took the super scary plunge and had the ends of my hair dyed a burnt red color. It was the first, and only time, that I dyed my hair and my immediate adoration turned into despair when it started to fade and turn into a dark brown within a week. I got a hair cut to chop off the dyed section shortly thereafter and have not dabbled in the dark art of hair dye since. I love my strawberry blonde hair and the exclusive perk of celebrating this holiday! Happy holidays!


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National Lipstick Day

Happy National Lipstick Day!

National Lipstick DayHello!

I have entered a low key obsession with lipsticks and lip stains! Up until a year ago, I have only ever owned two lipsticks. One was a fire engine red tube from the dollar store that smeared like crazy and another was a raspberry pink drugstore lipstick that I bought for junior prom and swiped on for every important event thereafter, including our wedding. I had no idea that there are so many beautiful shades, creamy formulas, and long lasting stains out there in the world! Part of the reason that I never explored that part of the makeup aisle is because I’m a musician. Of course, I’m a special kind of musician. If I was a string player, a percussionist, or a pianist, I could have been rocking a bold lip my whole life, but, alas, I play the oboe. My beige cane reeds simply cannot be saturated with lipstick. Technically, I don’t think the pigment would affect how it plays much, but I am so grossed out by a reed box with pink and red stains! This morning I swiped on this stunning dark raspberry lipstick, took some photos, ran some errands, and then wiped it off before taking out my oboe to practice. I would love to try a Kylie lip kit, but I simply can’t convince myself to spend that much on lip color that I’ll wipe off once a day before I play! Celebrate your lips with a bold swipe of color that makes you feel absolutely beautiful. Happy holidays!


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National Water a Flower Day

Happy National Water a Flower Day!

National Water a Flower DayHello!

I’m playing gardener today on this long weekend and tending some of my mom’s flowers on the back deck. My brother welded the cute double decker plant stacker for her as a gift in one of his welding classes and apparently she got some other plant boxes from a friend who had too many. Can you really ever have too many flower boxes? I don’t think so! She adopted more flowers so the yard is full of blooms. We have had this little green watering can for as long as I can remember. Literally, I didn’t think that they made watering cans any different than this minty green gem. I always liked to water the garden when I was a kid because we kept it on the south side of the house in a sunny spot and it was always nice and warm to carry. The cool water that came out of the faucet instantly mellowed to a comfortable warm temperature when it hit the bottom of the bucket so it wasn’t even a bother if it splashed on my bare feet. I made the rounds around the garden and yards today to refresh the flowers and liven up the blooming bushes with a splash of fresh water. If you’re making a special trip to a cemetery for a Memorial Day service, I recommend that you take advantage of the holiday and water a graveside flower. Happy holidays!


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