National Ballet Day

Happy National Ballet Day!

National Ballet DayHello!

I know that I must have told my ballet failure story about a million times by now, but since I lack any imaginable skill as a ballerina, this is kind of all that I have to offer today! As a child, my mom signed me up for ballet lessons and I distinctly remember going to Payless Shoes with her to pick out my first pair of overpriced, soft pink ballet flats. That might have actually been my first attempt at entering the sports world. Spoiler alert: all other attempts ended in a similar downward spiral. I thought that I was doing decently well in the pre-K ballet class, but I was exceptionally bored. I didn’t want to learn the foot positions or how to count out the number of steps to walk across the room and hand off a flower with a curtsy. Instead, I did things my own way and added plenty of twirls, twists, jumps, and gestures to infuse my own style. I didn’t even make it to our first performance before my membership in the class was politely declined and I was asked not to come back. I think that even worse than being a bad dancer is not realizing the unfortunate truth. Even to this day, I have to remind myself that the beautiful shapes and smooth body lines that I imagine I am creating are not transferring successfully into the real world. Sometimes I still think that I have the super skinny, bony body from my childhood and also have to suffer shocking shift of reality when I pass a mirror. I want to be ballerina or gymnast so badly. I want to have grace, stamina, balance, and elegance in my movements! I suppose I have pretty decent balance, but one basic skill a dancer does not make. Break out your ballet shoes, or scarring memories, and celebrate happy holidays!


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National Red Lipstick Day

Happy National Red Lipstick Day!

National Red Lipstick DayHello!

After an hour of window shopping online and crafting a Christmas wishlist, I wondered how I ended up here. Then, I saw this open blog post tab in the corner of my browser. Oh yeah, I was just starting to write my blog about red lipstick when I got a little distracted, which quickly turned into a complete redirect. I have been eyeing two Kylie lipkits for quite some time, but I still haven’t pulled the trigger on buying one. Part of me doesn’t want to support Kylie Jenner’s business, but mostly I just don’t want to pay that much for a lipstick. Not to mention, I’m not going to play along with the frenzy of trying to be fast enough to snag one during a restock before they sell out in 3 minutes. In any case, I opened a new tab and meandered over to find that the red lipstick color that I am in love with is actually in stock. I still haven’t worked up enough desire to shell out $30 for a kit, though, so I put it on the empty Christmas list that has been collecting cobwebs in my notes. Now that my Christmas list was started, I simply had to online shop for sweaters, boots, candles, perfume, and trendy succulent planters. Vanity and selfishness ran amuck for far too long, but at least my Christmas list is full. Adding in the fact that I spent 30 minutes trying to perfect my makeup and snap the most flattering pictures, I’m not super proud of my the work that I have accomplished today. I need to go volunteer or read something to make up for it. Indulge in a moment of vanity with a bold swipe of red lipstick, then get back to business. Happy holidays!


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National Prairie Day

Happy National Prairie Day!

National Prairie DayHello!

One of my favorite things about living back in my hometown is the fact that it’s a reasonable size and you can easily access parts of town that feel open and spacious. We live smack dab in the middle of the valley and my home county is actually the grass seed capitol of the world. It’s kind of a fun fact that many people aren’t aware of, but my uncle runs the family’s century grass seed farm. That fact was drilled into my head growing up as a serious piece of local pride. In honor of National Prairie Day, Eric and I went on a long, easy bike ride starting at this important holiday landmark. The area is literally an overpass away from city limits, but once you’re out here, you’re immersed in spacious, freshly harvested fields. The color on the ground would have been prettier a few weeks ago, but I can’t get over how blue and bright the sun is today. It has been a while since I have been on a bike, so although I haven’t forgotten how to do it, I was pretty out of shape. We rode a very leisurely pace and enjoyed talking to each other where there was no one around and we could ride side by side. The slow pace was also a self-preservation tactic with all of the displaced bugs flying around the fields. The grossness kind of got in the way of our serenity. Find your prairie and enjoy a fading moment of summer. Happy holidays!


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National Spring Fairy Fun Day

Happy National Spring Fairy Fun Day!

National Spring Fairy Fun DayHello!

It’s the first official day of spring break and we have also officially launched into the spring season. My to-do list is exclusively filled with ‘only if I feel like it’ tasks and my calendar is clear! Unfortunately, the skies aren’t quite in accordance. Eric snapped these photos out of the car on the drive home and this was one of the drier, brighter moments along the way. Things did clear up a little more as we pulled into the city, but it’s far from springy weather outside. I am a little jealous of all of the snap stories and Facebook check-ins of people traveling to sunny, tropical destinations or even just being spontaneous with out of town day trips. Las Vegas isn’t a top tier destination spot in my mind, but the idea of lounging by the pool in the desert sun seems pretty good compared to the white wall of clouds that have completely covered the skies overhead here. Facing a financial cliff as we continue to propel at lightning speed toward graduation and job hunting for the fall, a vacation is kind of out of the question. Eric is working every day, I’m taking on as many orders as I can to make use of the extra work time, and we’ll manage to have our own Spring Fairy Fun, even if it’s a little drizzly and close to home. Happy holidays!


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National Barbie Day

Happy National Barbie Day!

National Barbie DayHello!

I was never an overly obsessed Barbie girl, but I did have several dolls growing up. I also had a little Barbie mansion that folded up like a purple and pink briefcase – perfect for the office. My collection of dresses and accessories was okay, but I didn’t love her image, so I wasn’t obsessed with the fashion that came along with it. Later on, I had stints with Polly Pocket and Bratz dolls, but for the sanctity of National Barbie Day, I probably should stay away from that. Over time, the collection has dwindled, but there are still a few tokens tucked up in the top of my childhood closet. Shout out to my mom for playing photographer for me today. My version of playing Barbies was a little different from my friends, who wanted to play house and marriage or dress them up and drive them to parties around the room in little Barbie cars. I was a little more planned, strategic, thoughtful – weird – about my playtime. First, I would bring out all of my toy furniture, friends, food, and accessories to set the scene. Carefully stacking little plates and cups on the table and putting the bath products all lined up on the side of the pink sink was a chore. Setting up a Barbie room is basically the same amount of work as balancing a house of cards. Then, it was time for the outfit selection. Every garment would be put together and paired as an outfit before I made the decision of how to dress my doll. By the time that the house was created and my doll was dressed, I had had my share of fun and was content to pack it all away. I didn’t really play with my dolls, I just set them up all perfect and marveled at my still, miniature art scene. No wonder I didn’t have many friends growing up. Happy holidays!


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national relaxation day

Happy National Relaxation Day!

national relaxation dayHello!

I can’t believe that tomorrow is our one year wedding anniversary already! Honestly, the year has absolutely flown by. We were joking the other day about the cliche phrases that we could pick and choose from for the required mushy gushy anniversary post on Facebook and, almost instantaneously, we both blurted out ‘the ups and downs’! You know, the common phrase is, ‘Through all of the ups and downs…,’ or, ‘I know that we’ve had a lot of ups and downs but…’ Honestly, this year has been a heck of a lot of ups. I know that I have a terrible memory and barely remember yesterday but the list of down moments from this year is incredibly slim. The biggest down that I can even remember involved some really nasty stuffed bell peppers that Eric tried to make for dinner one night. Long story short, the horrified look on my face couldn’t be hidden and Eric was less than shrilled at my reaction because earlier that day I told him that I didn’t want to choose the recipe, that I would eat anything he put on a plate, and that he should just surprise me. I ate some angry mac and cheese in our room and he went on a hunger strike for the evening but but we were laughing about the experience the very next day. I mean, if stuffed bell peppers are really the worst part of our marriage thus far, I’m more than a happy camper, and extremely blessed. Today, we’re topping off our happy year of marriage with a beautiful little weekend getaway filled with relaxation and so much celebration. Happy holidays and happy anniversary Eric – I love you!


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national plant a flower day

Happy National Plant a Flower Day!

national plant a flower dayHello!

I had to get a little creative today as I’m still hiding away in our apartment under semi-quarantine but I do love little opportunities to be artsy. I mean, how can you not love watercolor and floral stickers with a touch of cursive? It’s art, I tell you! I had every intention of going on a little adventure for a pack of seeds and pressing them into fresh dirt but if I’m not even able to attend my performances today, that definitely doesn’t make the list of allowable activities. Major bummer on all accounts. It’s also the Girl Scout organization’s birthday today but I’m supposed to steer clear of kids for risk of giving them chicken pox – that celebration wasn’t really going to work either. There’s a Starbucks in the bottom floor of our apartment building and there have been girl scouts posted there every day for the last week shouting “GIRL SCOUT COOKIES FOR SALE – FOUR DOLLARS A BOX” at the same interval as the Ricola cough drops jingle and it’s driving me insane. I’m fairly certain that if I did go down there to wish them happy holidays I would probably end up strangling one of the poor girls. Yes, I think it’s definitely better that I pretend to plant flowers and soothe my pent up energy with a little photo editing. If you’re so fortunate as to see the light of day, plant a flower in my honor. I’ll be out there again soon… Happy holidays!


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