National Ballet Day

Happy National Ballet Day!

National Ballet DayHello!

I know that I must have told my ballet failure story about a million times by now, but since I lack any imaginable skill as a ballerina, this is kind of all that I have to offer today! As a child, my mom signed me up for ballet lessons and I distinctly remember going to Payless Shoes with her to pick out my first pair of overpriced, soft pink ballet flats. That might have actually been my first attempt at entering the sports world. Spoiler alert: all other attempts ended in a similar downward spiral. I thought that I was doing decently well in the pre-K ballet class, but I was exceptionally bored. I didn’t want to learn the foot positions or how to count out the number of steps to walk across the room and hand off a flower with a curtsy. Instead, I did things my own way and added plenty of twirls, twists, jumps, and gestures to infuse my own style. I didn’t even make it to our first performance before my membership in the class was politely declined and I was asked not to come back. I think that even worse than being a bad dancer is not realizing the unfortunate truth. Even to this day, I have to remind myself that the beautiful shapes and smooth body lines that I imagine I am creating are not transferring successfully into the real world. Sometimes I still think that I have the super skinny, bony body from my childhood and also have to suffer shocking shift of reality when I pass a mirror. I want to be ballerina or gymnast so badly. I want to have grace, stamina, balance, and elegance in my movements! I suppose I have pretty decent balance, but one basic skill a dancer does not make. Break out your ballet shoes, or scarring memories, and celebrate happy holidays!


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National Roots Day

Happy National Roots Day!

National Roots DayHello!

We all have relationships in our lives that help us determine the right path, support us along the way, and keep us balanced. I think them as roots. If your mind flashes immediately to the portrait of the family tree, it’s a part of that, but can be so much broader. This concept has always fascinated me and I often think that I hold a unique view of friendships. I suppose I say that to myself in part to justify the reason that I don’t have many of them. Back in early high school, when I was taking incredibly long morning showers and pondering the social mysteries of life that can only occur to a 13 year old, I remember tracing out a map of my friendships on the shower wall while my mom called for me to hurry up and get ready. Obviously, I was drawing in drops of water and the final product was only visible in my mind, but it helped me clarify the people that were closest to me and who branched off from there. I always wanted to get a big white board and draw out the social connections so that I could erase and fill in new ones, watching them shift over time. I had my materials ready once, but I didn’t know where to put myself in the chart. At the center? On the side? That one thing stumped me and I never started the project. Plus, I realized that other people might be less fascinated with the idea than I was and I wasn’t willing to risk the embarrassment. Today, I know that the map of my roots looks entirely different than it did back then. Some trees grow and build connections as they transition into new stages of life and hold onto past relationships. I can only imagine what it looks like for the girl who rose through the ranks of a sorority and still has brunch with the large group of popular girls from high school. Mine has shrunk. It’s okay, though, because while others have a far reach with lots of offshoots, mine is compact, solid, and secure. I settled down this morning with a pen and drew what I imagine my tree looks like and I’m pleased! Who holds you up and helps you find balance in your life? Happy holidays!


National Gymnastics Day

Happy National Gymnastics Day!

National Gymnastics DayHello!

I want to be a gymnast so bad. I know that I start a lot of blogs with emphatic italics, but I’m serious. I have a super weird obsession with the sport and zero experience doing it. I literally follow all of the Olympic gymnasts on Instagram as well as a number of gymnastics video profiles. In fact, I watch it and search for it so much that Instagram has a special gymnastics video feed created for me in the personalized discover section. When I have boat loads of money to spare, I am legitimately hiring an incredibly patient coach to personally work with me one on one in a gym. It will take millions of hours and tons of coaching because I know that I will be a horrible, yet weirdly motivated student. Someone needs to teach me how to move my body in all of these amazing ways and do these super cool skills. I never got to do it as a kid and I’m pretty sure that I missed my window, but I can still hope. Every year that this holiday rolls around, I both love it and dread it because it means that I have to embarrass myself by attempting to do a simple cartwheel in the yard. The only thing better than the failure picture is the gif that goes with it. I literally did gif maker research and figured out how to make one so that you could see laugh at me. Have you seen the scene of The Office where Creed’s new year’s resolution is to do the perfect cartwheel? I basically feel like that and assume that I have achieved greatness until the I see the pictures. Someday I’ll learn, hopefully. Anyone want to give me gymnastics lessons? Happy holidays!


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National Go Skateboarding Day

Happy National Go Skateboarding Day!

National Go Skateboarding DayHello!

My husband was a skateboarder in middle school with shaggy blonde hair, beat up vans sneakers, and a massively defiant attitude. He claims that he could still kick-flip a skateboard if he could get his hands on one, but that remains to be seen. I, on the other hand, was the epitome of an indoor cat in middle school. In fact, I’m still sitting squarely in that camp. I don’t have a knack for adventure and I want nothing to do with the death trap that is a skateboard. My brother got a skateboard on his birthday when we were pre-teens and I toyed with the idea of stepping onto it. He assured me that he would hold me upright with a supportive arm to lean on, but even just committing both feet to the board was more than I was comfortable with. I think that I managed to get my foot on the ground to push the board two whole times before it shot out from under me and landed my butt on the concrete. That’s it, I was done. No more. I didn’t even have a formally bruised tailbone, but I knew that any subsequent falls would be equally unpleasant and inevitably more painful. I will be standing securely on flat ground today and I promise you that there will not be a skateboard in sight. Celebrate if you’re more adventurous than I am. Happy holidays!


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National Splurge Day

Happy National Splurge Day!

National Splurge DayHello!

I recently received a copy of Mindy Kaling’s book Why Not Me in my monthly subscription box and it sat on my shelf for a month or two while I had no intention of actually reading it. I used to love to read, but now I just can’t get myself to stick it out with a book and sit down to read the whole way through, even if I really do enjoy the story, while Netflix looms as an alternative activity. Well, last week I shoved it in my bag and was stuck somewhere with no wifi and nothing to do, so I cracked it open and read cover to cover. Essentially, it’s a mash up of short chapters that have nothing to do with each other except showcase Kaling’s humorous voice that’s all too relatable for someone like me, who actually has the exact opposite personality of Kaling. It was a fast read that was fun, but not life changing; that is, until the very last chapter. Her writing literally summed up my exact thoughts on entitlement and confidence, especially for women in this day and age. She was so articulate in expressing what I can’t even quite verbalize for myself, and I won’t even try to explain it here. Seriously, just stand in a book store and read the last chapter of her book! In a disappointingly insufficient nutshell, I think that entitlement is not so wrong as long as you work to achieve what you believe you deserve. Confidence, similarly, should not be squelched and restrained if you actually have the knowledge, know-how, drive, and work ethic to back it up. I fight with myself all the time about what I do or do not deserve; can or cannot achieve. On this splurge day, I’m going to treat myself and not feel bad about it because I have earned it one hundred times over and the small gift that I give to myself is out-valued by the gifts that I give to my future and my community. Work for it, earn it, and believe that you deserve it – splurge! Happy holidays!


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