National Working Naked Day

Happy National Working Naked Day!

National Working Naked DayHello!

This would be way less weird if I didn’t always have two pictures accompanying my blogs. Normally, that format is pretty cool because it lets me be a little creative with my camera, gives you a glimpse of the celebration experience, and directs my writing. In this case, I really don’t want you to to see my celebration! Don’t worry mom – I’m actually fully clothed. If I did want to celebrate the holiday, I work from home and our tiny little house has substantial blind coverage over the windows. Good luck to all of the judges, police officers, teachers, and doctors out there! I suppose strippers have a leg up on all of us, but can you think of even one more profession that could possibly be okay with this holiday on a random Friday in February? Actors, too – I suppose, depending on the genre. Models are basically naked half the time and if they’re posing for an art class, that can definitely fit the bill. Do lifeguards on nude beaches have to follow the dress code? I guess there is more nakedness in the workplace than I originally thought! Let me warn you right now, though – before it’s too late: don’t google jobs that require nakedness. In an effort to extend my nude occupations list, I typed out the most PG search listing that I could come up with to answer my question. Don’t do it. Worry about your own nakedness and don’t even go there. Happy holidays!


National Fun at Work Day

Happy National Fun at Work Day!

National Fun at Work DayHello!

I love my job! I really, really do! Considering that I have built a career (at least for now) on an idea that was just meant to give me a little extra cash and help pay for college, it’s really amazing to me how much fun I get have at work every day. As a freelancer, I get to build my business and services based on my interests and talents. Plus, I have full control over my schedule, as long as I get everything done on time, and I can work from anywhere. I know that some people might take full advantage of the ‘work from anywhere’ perk, but I’m a homebody. Never underestimate the restorative power of snuggling with a sleepy, adorable kitty all day while you get to blast your favorite Spotify playlists, cuddle under a blanket, and grab snacks from the fridge. I have decided that 2017 is the year of comfort. Since I discovered LuLaRoe clothing I have completely sworn off pinching skinny jeans and itchy sweaters. I live in clothes that feel like pajamas and I refuse to be anything less than blissfully comfortable. The same is true with my job. Now that I can enjoy fulfilling, totally flexible work from the comfort of my home, why would I do anything else? Moving to full-time freelancing wasn’t the change that I expected, but it was a phenomenal choice. Comfort is key! The fun stuff is just icing on the cake. Have fun at work and enjoy happy holidays!


National Poetry at Work Day

Happy National Poetry at Work Day!

National Poetry at Work DayHello!

I’m really not sure if this holiday is supposed to be poetry in the workplace or poetry at work in the world. The good news is, I’m in charge here so I’m making an executive decision! My poetry writing skills are minimal at best and I don’t imagine that my poetry would have much influence to change the world, so I’m going to go with the first idea. Over the past few holidays, I have had the neat opportunity to share a little bit of my work life with you. Here are two very subpar poems inspired by my freelance career. Write your own workplace poetry and enjoy happy holidays!


Tens of timers ticking down to zero
What a supremely flexible schedule.
They shop around the world
for services from my couch.
Mere minutes of my time
ripple possibilities to change it all.
Measuring days by checks in boxes,
never 9-5.

Days Spent

Kitty on couch               snuggling
Keys click                       serving
Food in fridge               snacking
Spotify shouts               singing
Buyer in Belize              shopping
Dishes done                  scrubbing
Thinking time                spinning


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National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Happy National Clean Off Your Desk Day!

National Clean Off Your Desk DayHello!

Today is an exceptionally dreary, drippy day! Although we’re above freezing and in the process of thawing from the winter storm that hit over the weekend, the world is a serious slushfest. Schools are cancelled today because although it’s not bad to drive, walking is pretty slippery. To combat the dreariness outside and take advantage of his morning off, Eric joined me at the gym and I tested out the sauna for the first time after my exercise class. We stopped by three different breakfast joints on our way back home, but apparently you can’t get breakfast before 11 AM on a Monday, so we opted with a Sausage McMuffin and orange juice – classic. Between those wrappers, my pre-gym Odwalla, random cords, ibuprofen, pens, shoes, and my water bottle, my ‘desk’ was driving me a little bit crazy! In honor of the holiday, I completely cleared off my workspace and tucked some of the essentials that I still want to have on hand off to other edge of the table. Even if it’s not less cluttered by mass, I always feel better when things are organized and stacked in straight lines. I stood on the couch to take these pictures and then crashed back into it, wrapping myself under my favorite blanket. Eric turned around and said, ‘Nothing about your work situation deserves my sympathy.’ You know what? I think I’m okay with that! Clear your desk and your mind to get more done! Happy holidays.


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National Stay Home Because You're Well Day

Happy National Stay Home Because You’re Well Day!

National Stay Home Because You're Well DayHello!

I am staying home today, but I sincerely wish that I was also feeling well. The freelance lifestyle suits me so well and there is nothing that I love more than nestling into my comfy spot on the couch with my laptop perched upon crossed legs. My Spotify Discover playlist is pumping through the speakers and my bullet journal is on the cushion next to me, outlining my goals for the day. Of course, you can’t forget about little kitty Joe stretched out on the back of the couch behind me. This would be the most perfect scene, and it’s what I get to enjoy almost every day. Today, unfortunately, I’m missing half of the holiday celebration because I am not well. The coffee table in front of me is littered with used tissues, my water bottle, ibuprofen and benadryl bottles, a snack I can’t seem to eat, and my empty cup that was previously filled with a homemade matcha latte. I feel like I just got over my last cold a week ago and now I’m already under the weather again. This time, though, I’m swapping the hefty cough and scratchy throat for full blown nasal congestion and unyielding sinus pressure headaches. I’m not sure what is worse. At the very least, I’m so glad that I’m able to get my work done on the couch and sniffle in isolation. Did you play hooky and stay home because you’re well today? Happy holidays!


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National Cranky Coworkers Day

Happy National Cranky Coworkers Day!

National Cranky Coworkers DayHello!

It’s often interesting for me to look back at my holiday posts from years past and read what I wrote at that point in my life. Last year when I celebrated National Cranky Coworkers Day, I wrote about how I thought that it would probably be the last time that I could write about the joy of celebrating this particular holiday by myself as a freelancer. Like most things in my life, that hasn’t gone exactly as planned. Yes, I do have a staff of teachers that I work with at school and some of them have a tendency to be a little cranky, but I’d rather not write about that because my freelance business is still a thriving, important part of my work life. There is one coworker of mine who is especially cranky and he won’t mind me smearing his reputation on the internet. Eric likes to joke that he’s my key media advisor and head of photography, among several other titles that he makes up on the spot for all of the work that he helps me with. I constantly have to give him a sorry smile and ask for little favors as I do my freelance work every day, including the request for this quick blog photo. Joe is the newest addition to the Fiverr team at home and, as you can see, he’s not always thrilled when I ask him to stop walking on my laptop as I write. These two are definitely the crankiest coworkers around, but also the most helpful, sweetest, and gosh-darn cutest. Happy holidays!


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National Calendar Adjustment Day

Happy National Calendar Adjustment Day!

National Calendar Adjustment DayHello!

I am having a massive organization crisis right now and the demand for a calendar adjustment is in full effect. As I have said over and over, I have an awful memory. I don’t remember what time it is when I look at the clock, I can’t tell you what I did this morning, and if I didn’t have a husband to pester me, I wouldn’t remember to eat at regular hours. As stress piles on and more layers of complication get added, I reach the ultimate level of disfunction. Last year, I kept my graduate school coursework and student teaching requirements straight with Google Calendar and my notes on my phone. My tried-and-true survival method for all of these years has been to either do it the moment that I think of it or assign it a specific date to get done. Loose to-do lists do not work for me! A few months ago, a friend introduced me to the concept of bullet journaling and I took the plunge. I have one book for teaching where I can write ideas, jot lesson structures, and keep track of my rotating general music classes. The other is for everything in my personal and freelance work life. As much as I love the flexibility to create it as I go and the creativity that I can put into designs, I have not figured out a calendar concept on paper that works for me. My meltdown is leading me back to Google Calendars, but then I totally lose the cuteness factor. Any suggestions? Get organized before school starts and enjoy the happiest of holidays!


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