National Frozen Yogurt Day

Happy National Frozen Yogurt Day!

National Frozen Yogurt DayHello!

In case you haven’t heard, I’m a massive fan of ice cream and I guess frozen yogurt is okay on occasion too. I have to exercise my newly developed willpower every time I cross the freezer aisle because it’s all too tempting to reach in and fill my arms with Ben & Jerry’s. I even had to throw away my B&J coupons because I would use them as an excuse to talk myself into buying ice cream, get up to the check stand, and then realize that I left the coupon at home. The cycle continued for far too long before I had to be honest and admit that I was playing myself and would never actually remember to bring it. It’s a dangerous game! Lucky for me, I’m not that much of a fan of froyo so walking into Yogurt Extreme wasn’t an enormous risk for this recovering ice cream-aholic. A little bit of cake batter froyo with caramelized walnuts, crushed reeses peanut butter cups, crushed butterfinger, crushed oreo, a dusting of graham cracker, and a drizzle of hot fudge makes a pretty good combination. Don’t be fooled by the blue sky reflected in the door! As soon as I pulled out of the parking lot, it started hailing hard and I was trapped in my car in the driveway, eating my frozen yogurt and listening to the end of a Mahler symphony waiting for a break in the hail and rain. No matter how hard we wish in honor of the holiday, it’s simply not frozen yogurt season yet. Grab a spoon and celebrate! Happy holidays.


National Groundhog Job Shadow Day

Happy National Groundhog Job Shadow Day!

National Groundhog Job Shadow DayHello!

I’ve seen the movie Groundhog Day, made little groundhog cards and banners in elementary school, and cast my vote 22 years in a row for the early arrival of spring, but I still have absolutely no idea how Groundhog Day actually works. I totally understand the purpose and validity of National Margarita Day – yum – and International Pillow Fight Day is just pure fun! Why is a confused groundhog worth celebrating? I always assumed that the folklore or weather prediction had to do with the specific behavior of the groundhog, not the clouds overhead. Now that I have spent some time googling, I actually feel rather silly that it took me this long to figure out. I have never attended a Groundhog Day ceremony, so I always imagined that they take a grumpy, blindfolded little groundhog out of his winter den and spin him around in circles. Then they put him back in his little hole, take off the blindfold, and watch him come out. If he comes out facing the giant lightbulb to his right, then he would theoretically not see his shadow and predict spring, and if he comes out of the hole facing to the left, he would see his looming shadow and predict winter. Apparently it’s actually a question of cloudy or clear skies and there is no lightbulb involved. Well, geez – I definitely think I can do that! In honor of shadowing Phil the Groundhog in his moment of glory, I walked outside to discover a densely clouded sky. No matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find a shadow, much less see my own! Does that mean that I predict an early spring? I can seriously get behind that. I guess it’s not too hard to do a groundhog’s job after all! Happy holidays.


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National Hot Tea Day

Happy National Hot Tea Day!

National Hot Tea DayHello!

Today’s highest temperature is forecasted to be a balmy 32 degrees! I seriously need a cup of hot tea this morning. Last night, Eric and I were in the middle of a fun gaming session when we heard a loud boom outside and the power shut off. Just as soon as I dug out candles and settled on the couch, he had his coat on and decided we still had time to make it for happy hour! I blew out the candles and we left our poor little kitty home in the dark to head out to our favorite local spot. When we couldn’t sit and snack any longer, we headed back home to find that the power situation had not been resolved. A neighbor said the power company’s estimate was to be fixed by 9 PM so we launched into phase two of our coping plan, packed a bag, and headed for my parent’s house. At least they had wifi and a working heater! I’m back home this morning and Eric is off at work, but our house is still a little chillier than normal because the heat was off for so long and the temperature has dropped to ridiculous temperatures. Like I said, I’m really thankful for the reminder to make a cup of hot tea this morning and the blissful opportunity to drink it with Spotify jams blasting and a kitty snuggled on my lap. What’s in your cup this morning?


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National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day

Happy National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day!

National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend DayHello!

Our part of the world goes wild over a little snow because we don’t know how to handle it. It snows so infrequently that we don’t have snow plows and the roads aren’t salted. Eric and I didn’t even own an ice scraper until Saturday! We have been known to use a towel, jacket sleeve, or an inherited Johnny Cash CD to clear off the windows on icy mornings. The snow that fell over the weekend had almost completely melted, but it dropped a little more overnight, so school was cancelled. While that doesn’t directly affect me anymore, it does mean that Eric is home for another day to hang out with me and my mom was free to go with me to the exercise class! I talked her into taking these pictures for me after we got back from the gym. I was loose, limber, and super sweaty after the retired women’s cardio session that I endured today, but I was not quite ready for the freezing puddle of melted snow. Lucky for me, my mom is pretty handy with the shutter button and managed to get two good shots on the first try. I slammed myself down into the puddle and shot ice water all the way up my back! I suppose I didn’t quite do it right, though, because I got soaked but my camera pal remained dry and happy from a safe distance. I think I’ll just stand on the sidewalk and wait for someone to come by, then step in it and splash them when they’re least expecting it! Who’s with me? Celebrate happy holidays with a splash!


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National Christmas Tree Lighting Day

Happy National Christmas Tree Lighting Day!

National Christmas Tree Lighting DayHello!

I took a walk last night to check out the downtown lights and snap photos for today’s holiday. It was ridiculously chilly outside and I didn’t quite bundle up enough, so I was less than comfortable as I race-walked to warm myself up! It’s almost as if the air knew that we were on the cusp of entering December and cooled down for its arrival. I passed several beautifully decorated historic homes on my brisk evening walk, but there weren’t really any Christmas trees visible in the windows or decorated on the lawn. Obviously, my first stop was at the giant downtown Christmas tree, but I was disappointed to see that it was completely free of decorations and lights! I whipped out my phone with frozen fingers and realized that our town’s Christmas tree lighting event isn’t scheduled until the 4th! I figured that it might have been a little stupid to try to get a picture of a lit tree the day before National Christmas Tree Lighting Day, but I did feel a little better when I realized that they weren’t aligned with the holiday schedule anyway. I made sure to walk by La Belle Boutique, which is always decorated beautifully for the holidays, and traipse past the rows of light-wound tree trunks and snowflake lamp post lights as a consolation prize. Happy holidays!


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National Spring Fairy Fun Day

Happy National Spring Fairy Fun Day!

National Spring Fairy Fun DayHello!

It’s the first official day of spring break and we have also officially launched into the spring season. My to-do list is exclusively filled with ‘only if I feel like it’ tasks and my calendar is clear! Unfortunately, the skies aren’t quite in accordance. Eric snapped these photos out of the car on the drive home and this was one of the drier, brighter moments along the way. Things did clear up a little more as we pulled into the city, but it’s far from springy weather outside. I am a little jealous of all of the snap stories and Facebook check-ins of people traveling to sunny, tropical destinations or even just being spontaneous with out of town day trips. Las Vegas isn’t a top tier destination spot in my mind, but the idea of lounging by the pool in the desert sun seems pretty good compared to the white wall of clouds that have completely covered the skies overhead here. Facing a financial cliff as we continue to propel at lightning speed toward graduation and job hunting for the fall, a vacation is kind of out of the question. Eric is working every day, I’m taking on as many orders as I can to make use of the extra work time, and we’ll manage to have our own Spring Fairy Fun, even if it’s a little drizzly and close to home. Happy holidays!


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National Leap Day

Happy National Leap Day!

National Leap DayHello!

I don’t know about you, but I’m currently entering the panic stage when I think about how fast the year is progressing and how close we are to spring, which is basically just a hop into summer. On one hand, I am so excited to be full time teaching every day each week and unbelievably ready to graduate and be certified, but that is coupled with the gut-wrenching fear about job hunting and taking on mounting responsibilities in every part of my life. I’m at a serious emotional crossroads. Lucky for me, the calendar has thrown an extra day into the year and squeezed in a little extra time. Plus, things don’t count on leap days as much as they do on regular days. It just kind of happens and you forget. Next year I can’t look back and be like, wow – this day last year I really screwed things up. I’ll have to wait four more years before it matters again. Or, at least that’s how I’m choosing to look at things. In honor of the holiday title and the figurative ability to just hang out a little longer before being thrown into March, the celebration photos feature me being extra goofy and awkward with long limbs, just chilling out in the air and hoping that the ground is still there when I land. So, basically my life. Happy holidays!


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