National Frozen Yogurt Day

Happy National Frozen Yogurt Day!

National Frozen Yogurt DayHello!

In case you haven’t heard, I’m a massive fan of ice cream and I guess frozen yogurt is okay on occasion too. I have to exercise my newly developed willpower every time I cross the freezer aisle because it’s all too tempting to reach in and fill my arms with Ben & Jerry’s. I even had to throw away my B&J coupons because I would use them as an excuse to talk myself into buying ice cream, get up to the check stand, and then realize that I left the coupon at home. The cycle continued for far too long before I had to be honest and admit that I was playing myself and would never actually remember to bring it. It’s a dangerous game! Lucky for me, I’m not that much of a fan of froyo so walking into Yogurt Extreme wasn’t an enormous risk for this recovering ice cream-aholic. A little bit of cake batter froyo with caramelized walnuts, crushed reeses peanut butter cups, crushed butterfinger, crushed oreo, a dusting of graham cracker, and a drizzle of hot fudge makes a pretty good combination. Don’t be fooled by the blue sky reflected in the door! As soon as I pulled out of the parking lot, it started hailing hard and I was trapped in my car in the driveway, eating my frozen yogurt and listening to the end of a Mahler symphony waiting for a break in the hail and rain. No matter how hard we wish in honor of the holiday, it’s simply not frozen yogurt season yet. Grab a spoon and celebrate! Happy holidays.


National Candy Cane Day

Happy National Candy Cane Day!

National Candy Cane DayHello!

We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup.

Technically, we’re past Christmas and headed into New Years festivities, but it’s never too late to celebrate a quote from Elf, which is surely the best modern Christmas movie. It’s only fitting to remember the essentials when we celebrate National Candy Cane Day. I raided my mom’s Christmas treat pile and stuffed all of her candy canes into my purse as we went out the door yesterday after dinner. I also took a cookie, but that was personal. The candy canes were purely business. Now, as I write this blog, I find myself surrounded by a pile of candy canes! It’s kind of a dangerous place to be. As I wrote a week ago on National Hard Candy Day, I don’t love candy that you have to suck on and wait to disappear, but candy canes are almost an exception to the rule. My breath is going to minty fresh by the end of the day! Happy holidays!



National Hard Candy Day

Happy National Hard Candy Day!

National Hard Candy DayHello!

I’m not a big fan of hard candy, but I will indulge in a candy cane around Christmas. I think that I learned the preference from my mom, who will flat-out refuse the offer of jolly ranchers, lemon drops, and lollipops. If she does put on a brave face and accept one, hers will be gone before I barely even have mine out of the package. She chomps right into the candy and chucks the lollipop stick into the trash in mere seconds. I’m a little too scared of hard candy to bite into it like a champ, so I usually suck on it until it gets thinned down enough so that I know I won’t chip a tooth. We made hard candy in a spring unit when Eric and I took Foods I in high school and I’m even more terrified of the process of making hard candy than I am of eating it. Sugar should not be heated to that temperature! It’s scary! Then you have to pour the molten lava into little tiny molds? No thanks. I’m sure that I’m misremembering something, but I have vague memories of a serious lecture before we started into the hard candy unit about how there was the potential to blow up your pot if a drop of water hit the edges with molten sugar inside. Again, that’s probably not correct information from the cobweb corners of my mind, but it’s enough to scare me into never making hard candy again. Happy holidays!


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National Pastry Day

Happy National Pastry Day!

National Pastry DayHello!

Today I went to my first exercise class – ever. Now I’m obviously rewarding myself with a pastry for the holiday on my way home. Outside of obligatory physical education classes in school, this hasn’t ever really been my thing and I definitely haven’t gone seeking it out. I had gym access during college with both the university rec center and small gym facilities in my apartment buildings. I think that I can count on both hands how many times I actually went and worked out over the course of four years. There were a few short, enthusiastic strings of energy, but still nothing that pushes my combined total over 10. As my couch becomes my office and I work more hours on my laptop, I figure it might be time to do some preventative work before my bum grows to be the size of a tanker truck. Eric and I just signed up at a gym, which he gets a discount for through the school, and all of the classes are included in the membership. I have walked their treadmills once and today I figured it’s time to take the plunge. I took heart in the fact that a 9 AM Friday class would mostly be attended by retired women – I was right. I also figured that I wouldn’t die in a class called ‘Bones and Balance’ – I was also right. I knew better than to jump into something like Ab Blaster Extreme Bootcamp. No pastry, no matter how decadent, could bring me back from that one. Celebrate your victories with a sweet treat to get your morning started right. Happy holidays!


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National Cotton Candy Day

Happy National Cotton Candy Day!

National Cotton Candy DayHello!

This is definitely one of those holidays that I shamelessly celebrate every single year. As you might now, there are more national observances than there are days of the year, so most days have multiple holidays to celebrate. I generally try to mix things around and celebrate different viable or interesting holidays every year so that I’m not doing the same one over and over, but this isn’t one that I can afford to skip. I love cotton candy and even though I might pretend that I’m weighing my options and making an informed decision while I stand in line at the carnival food stand, we all know that I was set on purchasing a huge bag as soon as I stepped into the event. Cotton candy is a treat that I could eat every single day and never get sick of. Lucky for my wallet and my belly, it’s a little difficult to find on an average day and it’s kind of reserved for special occasions and events because not everyone has a cotton candy machine tucked away in the closet. Plus, it’s insanely messy to make and eat if you’re not careful. I had to do a little bit of hunting, but I was able to snag a delicious bag for myself and tuck a few bags away in the snack cupboard for the weeks ahead. You never know when a cotton candy craving is going to hit you! Bring the carnival back to town and track down a delicious web of spun sugar to celebrate in sweet, sweet style. Happy holidays!


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National Espresso Day

Happy National Espresso Day!

National Espresso DayHello!

I put on my peppiest, happiest top today along with my coziest sweater and a hot espresso because I’m fading fast! The usual levels of crazy that I encounter on a daily basis were off the charts with the excitement and anxiety that kids were struggling with on the brink of a super long holiday weekend. I took off yesterday afternoon to head up to Portland for my first rehearsal in the pit for The Portland Ballet. It was a double run dress rehearsal, which made for an extra late night paired with the long drive home. Eric is making the trek with me today, which I really appreciate! Talking with him gives me energy that the radio or a downloaded podcast just can’t provide. Plus, National Espresso Day is giving me life. I’m not into holiday themed drinks or special menu choices, so I ordered my classic drink choice: grande caramel latte. It’s just sweet enough without being gross and it’s not too fancy. I don’t really believe the caffeine perk-up theories, but the heat alone does make me feel a little more chipper and ready to take on the day. Attack your busy schedule or full to-do list with a high energy espresso – happy holidays!


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National Nachos Day

Happy National Nachos Day!

National Nachos DayHello!

I look upon this beautiful take-out plate of nachos with love and wonder. There is, quite possibly, nothing more stunning that I can encounter today. Sunsets are lame and falling leaves are whatever, but nachos are forever. Our after church lunch is splitting this delicious, heaping pile of pollo asada nachos. One side is smothered in saucy guac while a dollop of sour cream balances the other. Yes, this is no ordinary plate of Costco tortilla chips and neon nacho cheese; this is a masterpiece. We talked about going to Pops, the frozen food serving, old school diner with a 12-page menu that includes a massive heap of cheap, guilty-pleasure nachos. Unfortunately, they put olives on top of the pile, which reveals some serious misunderstanding about primo nacho construction. Even if you ask for no olives, you have to wonder – what kind of a person would put them there in the first place? We decided against it and went straight for Taqueria Alonzo. We knew that they would get it right. That restaurant is definitely one thing that I was happy to come back to when we moved home again. I know that no one can do it better. Happy holidays!


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