National Groundhog Job Shadow Day

Happy National Groundhog Job Shadow Day!

National Groundhog Job Shadow DayHello!

I’ve seen the movie Groundhog Day, made little groundhog cards and banners in elementary school, and cast my vote 22 years in a row for the early arrival of spring, but I still have absolutely no idea how Groundhog Day actually works. I totally understand the purpose and validity of National Margarita Day – yum – and International Pillow Fight Day is just pure fun! Why is a confused groundhog worth celebrating? I always assumed that the folklore or weather prediction had to do with the specific behavior of the groundhog, not the clouds overhead. Now that I have spent some time googling, I actually feel rather silly that it took me this long to figure out. I have never attended a Groundhog Day ceremony, so I always imagined that they take a grumpy, blindfolded little groundhog out of his winter den and spin him around in circles. Then they put him back in his little hole, take off the blindfold, and watch him come out. If he comes out facing the giant lightbulb to his right, then he would theoretically not see his shadow and predict spring, and if he comes out of the hole facing to the left, he would see his looming shadow and predict winter. Apparently it’s actually a question of cloudy or clear skies and there is no lightbulb involved. Well, geez – I definitely think I can do that! In honor of shadowing Phil the Groundhog in his moment of glory, I walked outside to discover a densely clouded sky. No matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find a shadow, much less see my own! Does that mean that I predict an early spring? I can seriously get behind that. I guess it’s not too hard to do a groundhog’s job after all! Happy holidays.


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National Radio Day

Happy National Radio Day!

National Radio DayHello!

I have a minor obsession with National Public Radio for long drives and I was basically the queen of the NPR news quiz Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me this past year. I had a long commute from downtown Portland to the far side of the Gresham suburb all school year that ranged anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour and 40 minutes, depending on traffic. I spent a lot of time in my car, more than I would ever like to again, and I had to find meaningful ways to pass the time. Eric and I have tried listening to a few podcasts, but my car is too old to have a plug in for my phone and I don’t like having to always plan ahead for my podcast downloads. The same thing is true with my Spotify Premium account. I would much rather listen to my personalized Discover playlist in the car than the massively overplayed top pop charts and cringe-worthy DJ’s, but I don’t keep my offline playlists stocked and it’s just a pain. The radio serves my purposes only because technology hasn’t quite caught up with me, or at least I can’t afford to snag the tech that does what I want in my car. I honestly think that universal wifi, if we still call it that, will completely erase car radios for good. If I could download, stream, and access music, podcasts, and generally enticing entertainment from anywhere without having to worry about data use, I don’t think I would ever use my radio again. Set your dial for something interesting and celebrate. Happy holidays!


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