National Working Naked Day

Happy National Working Naked Day!

National Working Naked DayHello!

This would be way less weird if I didn’t always have two pictures accompanying my blogs. Normally, that format is pretty cool because it lets me be a little creative with my camera, gives you a glimpse of the celebration experience, and directs my writing. In this case, I really don’t want you to to see my celebration! Don’t worry mom – I’m actually fully clothed. If I did want to celebrate the holiday, I work from home and our tiny little house has substantial blind coverage over the windows. Good luck to all of the judges, police officers, teachers, and doctors out there! I suppose strippers have a leg up on all of us, but can you think of even one more profession that could possibly be okay with this holiday on a random Friday in February? Actors, too – I suppose, depending on the genre. Models are basically naked half the time and if they’re posing for an art class, that can definitely fit the bill. Do lifeguards on nude beaches have to follow the dress code? I guess there is more nakedness in the workplace than I originally thought! Let me warn you right now, though – before it’s too late: don’t google jobs that require nakedness. In an effort to extend my nude occupations list, I typed out the most PG search listing that I could come up with to answer my question. Don’t do it. Worry about your own nakedness and don’t even go there. Happy holidays!


National Lazy Day

Happy National Lazy Day!

National Lazy DayHello!

Everyone needs the excuse for a lazy day, right? This year National Lazy Day falls on a Wednesday, which I know probably won’t fit in with most people’s work week. Lucky for me, I work from home and claim the couch as my office so I can spend the entire day in my sweats, comfy tees, and cuddly blankets if I want! Of course, I have a little bit of writing work on my plate for the day and have to publish the blog, but other than that, my goal is to be as lazy as possible. If I have to leave the house, I am committed to doing so in my jammies! Hooray for the coziest of clothing and the comfiest of couches. In addition to entertaining myself with Netflix on my laptop, I’m also settling in to read a book that I grabbed the other day on a walk near our house. One of the neighbors on our street has a cute little free public library box for book borrowing and exchanges. I snagged a random novel with the coolest looking cover called The Book of Jonas and I’m about halfway through it. It has been a long time since I have read a book the whole way through, so I need to keep the momentum going before I stop reading and forget where I was in the plot. I think that this holiday will provide me with the perfect opportunity to read it to the end. Happy holidays!


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National Wear Pajamas To Work Day

Happy National Wear Pajamas To Work Day!

National Wear Pajamas To Work DayHello!

I would love to wear pajamas to work, and on a normal Saturday I might really consider it, but today that’s just simply not going to fly! As a student teacher, I could possibly pull off sweats on the right day with careful outfit selection. It would be tight. As a blogger and freelancer on Fiverr, I definitely can pull off sweats, and frequently work in my pajamas. It’s so rewarding to be able to work nestled in the comfy spot on the couch in my PJ’s wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket; that’s the life. As an oboe teacher, I have pulled off pajamas, but not on purpose! One morning last year we got a knock on the door when my student showed up for their lesson, but I had forgot to set an alarm! I apologized profusely, brushed my teeth, put my hair in a ponytail, and went ahead to teach the lesson in my PJ’s with lots of yawns. It was embarrassing, so I don’t recommend it, but my student thought that it was super funny and didn’t even mind. Today, as a solo and ensemble festival judge, meeting new students and providing comments and feedback for middle schoolers, I think that it’s probably best that I don’t go the PJ route. First impressions, right? Celebrate if you can. Happy holidays!


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national pajamas at work day

Happy National Pajamas at Work Day!

national pajamas at work dayHello!

One of the best things about being a freelancer is being able to go to work in your pajamas every day! Of course, that also means that one of the first things I do in the morning is open my computer and log on to see what I missed over night. More than once, I’ve had a customer get angry that I was ‘unresponsive’ because I didn’t respond for 8 hours… when I was asleep. After kindly explaining that I do have to take some time off to sleep each night, they generally back track and respond with polite messages but there’s definitely a misconception that I’m available to work 24/7. Just because I don’t have to go to work doesn’t mean I don’t have to go do anything else. This morning I took my sweet time getting up and ready because my first class of the day is cancelled. My trusty pair of worn sweatpants and warm moccasins were accompanied by a cup of hot, caramel-y coffee and I got a good, productive start. Of course, I’m not going to stay in that ensemble all day! I just can’t muster up the courage to sport pajamas at school, although it would be ridiculously comfortable. It might be National Pajamas at Work Day, but I’m also proclaiming that it’s National Sweater and Jeans at School Day. All hail the daily style combo that serves me well in public and the comfy workwear that makes working on the couch even more awesome. Happy holidays!


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Happy National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day!


I can’t believe that in my major pity party yesterday I forgot to even mention here that Eric and I just celebrated our 3 year anniversary! What a crazy ride! I can’t wait to start counting our wedding anniversaries instead!

So today I am sticking to my pajamas; comfort is key, right? I took the morning off to recuperate after yesterday’s disaster and have a feeling that today will be much better. I’m getting some work done this morning, made a nice big breakfast, and then will come into classes this afternoon. Taking a moment away from everything just gives me a little while to recharge and reboot. With the first full opera rehearsal with singers tonight I definitely need the energy. I know it’s probably a little late to change your wardrobe, but don’t fall to peer pressure today. Be comfy and live your life how you want to – according to holidays, of course!


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