National Ballet Day

Happy National Ballet Day!

National Ballet DayHello!

I know that I must have told my ballet failure story about a million times by now, but since I lack any imaginable skill as a ballerina, this is kind of all that I have to offer today! As a child, my mom signed me up for ballet lessons and I distinctly remember going to Payless Shoes with her to pick out my first pair of overpriced, soft pink ballet flats. That might have actually been my first attempt at entering the sports world. Spoiler alert: all other attempts ended in a similar downward spiral. I thought that I was doing decently well in the pre-K ballet class, but I was exceptionally bored. I didn’t want to learn the foot positions or how to count out the number of steps to walk across the room and hand off a flower with a curtsy. Instead, I did things my own way and added plenty of twirls, twists, jumps, and gestures to infuse my own style. I didn’t even make it to our first performance before my membership in the class was politely declined and I was asked not to come back. I think that even worse than being a bad dancer is not realizing the unfortunate truth. Even to this day, I have to remind myself that the beautiful shapes and smooth body lines that I imagine I am creating are not transferring successfully into the real world. Sometimes I still think that I have the super skinny, bony body from my childhood and also have to suffer shocking shift of reality when I pass a mirror. I want to be ballerina or gymnast so badly. I want to have grace, stamina, balance, and elegance in my movements! I suppose I have pretty decent balance, but one basic skill a dancer does not make. Break out your ballet shoes, or scarring memories, and celebrate happy holidays!


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national tap dance day

Happy National Tap Dance Day!

national tap dance dayHello!

First and foremost, today is National Memorial Day and I think it’s important that we take a moment to really think about the meaning behind the holiday. It’s not just about a long weekend, barbecues, and filled camp grounds; it’s not by luck or chance that we live in a free country. Thank you to all of the men and women who fight or have fought for the rights, freedoms, and liberties that we are blessed with in America. You truly are heroes.

On a sillier note that has literally no backstory or heartfelt meaning, unless you’re a diehard tap dancer, it’s National Tap Dance Day! I would have loved to break out my tap shoes and show off my skills but you won’t be seeing any cabrioles, charlestons, chassés, click toes, or cramprolls from these feet. (Yes, I totally looked up those references in a tap dancing terms dictionary.) My journey with dance was quite short, just long enough to buy an expensive pink leotard and attend a few weeks of class lessons before quietly being asked to reconsider my enrollment. I was a free spirited, gangly child with little to no interest in athletics of any kind, no matter what I told my parents at sign-up time. Before we even got to our first baby ballet recital, I was sick of things and didn’t have the patience to put up with the disastrously slow class place. I just wanted to twirl, jump, and twist in my cute little outfit like a real dancer. It goes without saying that I never moved on to tap class. Happy holidays!


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