Celebrate the End of an Era

Celebrate the End of an Era!

Celebrate the End of an EraHello,

After a lot of thought and consideration, I have decided that this will be my last blog post – at least for now. Way back on April 1, 2013, I published my very first blog post to launch the project. At that time in my life, I was halfway through my freshman year of college, living in a dorm room with an icy roommate I never talked to, 70 miles away from my boyfriend (now husband), and basically living off of dining hall salads and mini-fridge bagels. On paper, I was super busy with 20 credit terms as a music major, but I still found time to be bored. Even though I met so many new people, I was really lonely. It all started as a bit of a joke when Eric and I decided that we needed to find hobbies to sustain us. He pledged to launch an ASL vlog and I got organized to start a 365-day holiday celebration project. When our proposed start date came around, he flaked, but I still went ahead and clicked publish on the blog that started it all. At the time, I hoped that I would have the willpower and interest to keep it going for the whole year and not give up early. Now here I am with almost four whole years of celebration under my belt and I was diligent in posting every single day. I only took time off for our wedding and honeymoon along the way! 1415 holiday posts published. This blog has been more than just a hobby – it helped us pay for college and has become a memorable piece of my personality. I can’t tell you how many times I started talking to someone and they said, ‘Oh – you do the national holidays every day, right? I read your blog!’ For someone who hasn’t mastered the art of conversation, it’s an awesome, easy topic that I really appreciate.

At this point in my life, I think that I’m ready for a little bit of a change. I don’t know what my next project is going to be, but I’m sure I’ll find a new outlet for all of my creative, celebratory energy. Please feel free to peruse the archives or search for specific holidays by keyword. You can also keep up your own celebration by following the two resources that I used to learn about and plan the holidays. National Day Calendar and Brownielocks were the trusted resources that kept me informed.

Thanks to my dedicated readers for taking the time to pop over and share a message every once in a while. I will always be grateful Eric and my mom, my fantastic photography assistants, who were always down to go on a national holiday food run with me and take embarrassing photos. You’re the very best! Please remember to find a reason to smile every day. There’s always something to celebrate if you look hard enough and there’s no reason to settle into a stagnant waiting period for the next big holiday after New Year’s. Celebrate the little things and always enjoy happy holidays.


National Scotch Day

Happy National Scotch Day!

National Scotch DayHello!

I enjoyed a pretty special treat today and got to introduce my mom to the millennial hobby that is happy hour. In honor of National Scotch Day, we went out to a cute little bar downtown and accidentally bought top shelf scotch on the rocks. I told the bartender that we needed to drink some scotch in honor of the holiday and asked if there are any traditional scotch cocktails that he could recommend, but he assured us that it was best to drink it straight up on the rocks. He then proceeded to go on a rant with a lot of bartender lingo about the perfect scotch that would be smooth and not have a burn. We, clueless, said that sounded great and by the time I realized that he was grabbing the ladder to bring down our bottle, it was too late. If someone passes you a glass and says here’s your [date, unintelligible name], you’re in dangerous territory. Thank goodness my mom picked up the tab, haha! My first sip of scotch breathed a twinge of fire out of my nose and definitely caught me by surprise, but once I got a little more used to it, it was pretty darn tasty! Mom and I split a happy hour cheeseburger that actually was a decent price and I finished her drink for her. I thought that I was a lightweight but she was about ready to tip over after a few sips. If you’re of legal age, I encourage you to go a little out of your way and try some scotch at happy hour! Just be sure you know what shelf you’re getting it from. Happy holidays!


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national bright pink lipstick day

Happy National Bright Pink Lipstick Day!

national bright pink lipstick dayHello!

I’ve been waiting so long for the perfect bright pink lipstick to walk into my life. For years, I watched celebrities waltz the red carpet with perfectly painted lips that stand out with so much courage and vivacity while my naturally pale lips barely managed to hold a minimum pink color. I usually don’t wear very much makeup, so every time that I would put on lip products, I would look at myself in the mirror with doubting eyes and immediately wipe it off. Compared to a fresh face, the lipstick just never seemed to fit. Then, I found this bold beauty that’s too perfect to doubt. My mom gave me a Birchbox subscription for my birthday so I’ve been trying new makeup and product samples each month, including this amazing little lipstick. It takes a very steady hand and a dose of courage to apply because the liquid is packed with pigment and it dries almost instantly. After I swiped it on and looked in the mirror, I was in love. Although the packaging made the claim that it would last all day, it’s not quite there. I mean, have you ever seen the commercials for all-day makeup on TV? No one looks as good at midnight as they did going to work in the early morning. The truth is, if you’re going to eat a full size hotdog on a crisp hoagie bun for lunch, you risk a pink smear the whole way down your chin no matter what lipstick you have on! Trust me, I know from experience. Next time, I’ll stop into the bathroom before I walk out onto the street. Still, it won’t stop me from slathering on this insane lipstick from time to time and living on the sassy side of life. Happy holidays!


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