National Barber Day

Happy National Barber Day!

National Barber DayHello!

No one ever looks cute halfway through a haircut with wet hair plastered to their face, but I simply had to get a matching before and after selfie with Beth! Beth has cut my mom’s hair literally forever so it’s only natural that I would do the same. I’m not fussy and I don’t come in to get my hair cut nearly as often as I should, but it’s so nice to get a great haircut and chat with her in the meantime. I know I’m probably far less chatty than the average lady to sit down in her chair, but I do enjoy the conversation. I’m convinced that barbers, hair stylists, and nail techs are the most ‘in the know’ people in town. What else are you going to do while you sit and get your hair cut except talk? Dentists would have the same scuttlebutt advantage if they didn’t insist on putting their hands in your mouth the whole time! I enjoyed a nice walk down to her shop under super cloudy skies that threatened to rain, but never did and walked back out with a fresh new bob! If it wasn’t for the holiday reminder to schedule an appointment to see her, I would probably still be complaining about split ends and thinking that my hair was getting a little longer than I really want it to be. I think that she should send out appointment reminder texts like my dentist because I never remember to go in for my hair check up on time! Go see your barber or hair stylist today for a fresh new look and enjoy happy holidays.


National Brush Day

Happy National Brush Day!

National Brush DayHello!

I have forever been stupidly jealous of the girls with curly hair who can let it down, spritz product in it, tousle away, and have enviable beach waves in seconds. Of course, anyone with curls is inevitably typing furiously in the comments right now to tell me how wrong I am and how easy I actually have it. I know, this is definitely a grass is greener situation. I have been on this earth for 22 years with the same stick straight hair the entire time and I have battled the same hairstyling woes all my life. The roots have no body, the ends flip out like a 1960’s housewife no matter who close they are to my shoulders, not showering makes me look like an oil-soaked greaseball, and if I don’t run a brush through my hair, it gets some mad frizzles like I just walked in the rain. I have tried numerous times to follow those overnight beach wave tutorials where you twist your hair into tendrils, spritz with a saltwater serum, and sleep on it to reveal next morning Victoria’s Secret beach photoshoot style waves under a glowing unicorn halo. Every time, I wake up to find that my hair is still straight, a little sticky, and in desperate need of a comb. In mere seconds can undo all of the work that I did the night simply by running a brush through my hair to put things back the way they were meant to be. This is the hair I was born with and this is how it shall stay. I’ll always be sure to pack my brush for overnighters. Happy holidays!


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National Static Electricity Day

Happy National Static Electricity Day!

National Static Electricity DayHello!

Today’s holiday is truly shocking! Plus, it’s super fun to celebrate. If you’re a prankster, today is your opportunity to drag that new pair of wool socks across the carpet bed and feel the energy surge through you, collecting and growing for that perfect zap! Personally, I’m so afraid of getting zapped that it’s not worth it to be the zapper. Now, if I could devise a pain-free way to transfer all of my static electricity without a semblance of shock in my direction, I would totally be down to shock and surprise. Instead, I think that I will be that girly girl who sits in front of the mirror and brushes her hair endlessly, for hours. I love to have my hair played with and I often turn my coffee table into a salon with piles of bobby pins, hair ties, and a brush. Watching Netflix in your jammies is the best time to braid, twist, wind, and play with your hair. When everything is tucked into place, I always imagine the most elegant updo and am continually disappointed when I snap a selfie and discover that it’s actually a hot mess. After pulling all of the bobbie pins out of my hair and brushing everything back out, I’m left with a more volumized, staticky version of my hair that is ready for another round. I had fun static-ing my hair, but nothing will ever beat last year’s photos! Enjoy the holiday, however you choose to celebrate or capture it. Happy holidays!


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national roots day

Happy National Roots Day!

national roots dayHello!

My hair is all natural, so roots aren’t really a problem for me. Then, again, with the current ombré dye trend, it doesn’t seem like women are as concerned about roots showing as they used to be. If the hair dye is really well mixed and blended, I think that it can look super nice with kind of a sun-kissed, natural brightness on one end or the other. However, there are always some questionable looks with any trend that make you wonder if they really knew what they were doing. I have seen a few people who were so proud of their platinum ombré ends to contrast the two exposed inches of natural brunette locks, but all I could think was, when’s the last time you touched up your roots? I try to keep things simple and stick with what I’m given. Part of me thinks that it could be fun to have my hair painted and played with for something totally new and fun, but the one time that I dipped my toes into the dye world, I ran back screaming because it was just too different. I will gladly stick with my straight, slightly frizzy hair and boring, one-color roots. At least it’s a color that I like, right? I seriously wish that I was a hair model and could do nothing but flip my hair around in front of a fan all day. It’s time for a check-up on those roots. Is it time to go back to the beauty salon? Happy holidays!


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national hairball awareness day

Happy National Hairball Awareness Day!

national hairball awareness dayHello!

My apologies for the gross hairball pictures, but this is a serious topic that needs an open forum for honest discussion and advocacy for comprehensive awareness. But actually, like most other national holidays that you’ll find on the blog, it’s really not. Don’t worry, the featured hairball was collected from my brush, not from a dusty corner of our apartment where it had been collecting for weeks – if that makes it any better for you. Honestly, I saw the holiday coming up and kind of ‘saved up’ my brush hair for a good picture. Weird, I know. I feel like my hair sheds quite a bit and I’m noticing that it’s gets worse between trims but it’s not too bad. I really need to go in for a hair cut but it hasn’t been able to work its way onto the ‘must happen’ list – it’s currently stranded on the growing ‘should happen’ list. For now, the hairballs will continue to pile up and the split ends will accumulate. Remember, awareness is the first step to change! Whether you’re off for a refreshing haircut, sweeping the bathroom, or emptying out your brush, celebrate the quirky national holidays that give every day purpose and a smile!


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Happy National Bald is In Day!

photo (16)Hello!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to pull another fake-out like last year! Honestly, though – last year I had at least 10 very concerned folk at church run up to me the next day in shock and ask how the heck I managed to fool them. I thought it wasn’t too convincing but boy was I wrong. Seriously, though – I am toying with the idea of chopping off my hair after the wedding in a pixie cut. Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway make it look so easy and it would be a definite, definite change. The biggest problem is that there’s no turning back! The scissors come up a lot faster than the hair grows down… It’s definitely not going to happen until after the wedding but I am actually considering the idea. Am I totally crazy? A pixie is far from bald but it’s still a shocker – and that’s quite in right now, you know? Happy holidays!


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Happy National Hairstylist Appreciation Day!


I have zero hair styling ability so all of my props go to out to beauticians today. This morning I took a shower, ran a brush through my hair, pinned my bangs back with my signature two bobby pins, and let it air dry. Having naturally straight hair is pleasant because I don’t have to do anything to it and it looks halfway decent no matter what! I also got super lucky with the color so I don’t dye it and just revel in the strawberry-blonde-goldness. When I do actually style it, cut it, or try something new it makes me love it even more. Shout to my favorite hairstylist in Albany, Beth at LaBelle, and happy holidays to all you people who make the world a little lovelier.


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