National Working Naked Day

Happy National Working Naked Day!

National Working Naked DayHello!

This would be way less weird if I didn’t always have two pictures accompanying my blogs. Normally, that format is pretty cool because it lets me be a little creative with my camera, gives you a glimpse of the celebration experience, and directs my writing. In this case, I really don’t want you to to see my celebration! Don’t worry mom – I’m actually fully clothed. If I did want to celebrate the holiday, I work from home and our tiny little house has substantial blind coverage over the windows. Good luck to all of the judges, police officers, teachers, and doctors out there! I suppose strippers have a leg up on all of us, but can you think of even one more profession that could possibly be okay with this holiday on a random Friday in February? Actors, too – I suppose, depending on the genre. Models are basically naked half the time and if they’re posing for an art class, that can definitely fit the bill. Do lifeguards on nude beaches have to follow the dress code? I guess there is more nakedness in the workplace than I originally thought! Let me warn you right now, though – before it’s too late: don’t google jobs that require nakedness. In an effort to extend my nude occupations list, I typed out the most PG search listing that I could come up with to answer my question. Don’t do it. Worry about your own nakedness and don’t even go there. Happy holidays!


National Fun at Work Day

Happy National Fun at Work Day!

National Fun at Work DayHello!

I love my job! I really, really do! Considering that I have built a career (at least for now) on an idea that was just meant to give me a little extra cash and help pay for college, it’s really amazing to me how much fun I get have at work every day. As a freelancer, I get to build my business and services based on my interests and talents. Plus, I have full control over my schedule, as long as I get everything done on time, and I can work from anywhere. I know that some people might take full advantage of the ‘work from anywhere’ perk, but I’m a homebody. Never underestimate the restorative power of snuggling with a sleepy, adorable kitty all day while you get to blast your favorite Spotify playlists, cuddle under a blanket, and grab snacks from the fridge. I have decided that 2017 is the year of comfort. Since I discovered LuLaRoe clothing I have completely sworn off pinching skinny jeans and itchy sweaters. I live in clothes that feel like pajamas and I refuse to be anything less than blissfully comfortable. The same is true with my job. Now that I can enjoy fulfilling, totally flexible work from the comfort of my home, why would I do anything else? Moving to full-time freelancing wasn’t the change that I expected, but it was a phenomenal choice. Comfort is key! The fun stuff is just icing on the cake. Have fun at work and enjoy happy holidays!


National Poetry at Work Day

Happy National Poetry at Work Day!

National Poetry at Work DayHello!

I’m really not sure if this holiday is supposed to be poetry in the workplace or poetry at work in the world. The good news is, I’m in charge here so I’m making an executive decision! My poetry writing skills are minimal at best and I don’t imagine that my poetry would have much influence to change the world, so I’m going to go with the first idea. Over the past few holidays, I have had the neat opportunity to share a little bit of my work life with you. Here are two very subpar poems inspired by my freelance career. Write your own workplace poetry and enjoy happy holidays!


Tens of timers ticking down to zero
What a supremely flexible schedule.
They shop around the world
for services from my couch.
Mere minutes of my time
ripple possibilities to change it all.
Measuring days by checks in boxes,
never 9-5.

Days Spent

Kitty on couch               snuggling
Keys click                       serving
Food in fridge               snacking
Spotify shouts               singing
Buyer in Belize              shopping
Dishes done                  scrubbing
Thinking time                spinning


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National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Happy National Clean Off Your Desk Day!

National Clean Off Your Desk DayHello!

Today is an exceptionally dreary, drippy day! Although we’re above freezing and in the process of thawing from the winter storm that hit over the weekend, the world is a serious slushfest. Schools are cancelled today because although it’s not bad to drive, walking is pretty slippery. To combat the dreariness outside and take advantage of his morning off, Eric joined me at the gym and I tested out the sauna for the first time after my exercise class. We stopped by three different breakfast joints on our way back home, but apparently you can’t get breakfast before 11 AM on a Monday, so we opted with a Sausage McMuffin and orange juice – classic. Between those wrappers, my pre-gym Odwalla, random cords, ibuprofen, pens, shoes, and my water bottle, my ‘desk’ was driving me a little bit crazy! In honor of the holiday, I completely cleared off my workspace and tucked some of the essentials that I still want to have on hand off to other edge of the table. Even if it’s not less cluttered by mass, I always feel better when things are organized and stacked in straight lines. I stood on the couch to take these pictures and then crashed back into it, wrapping myself under my favorite blanket. Eric turned around and said, ‘Nothing about your work situation deserves my sympathy.’ You know what? I think I’m okay with that! Clear your desk and your mind to get more done! Happy holidays.


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National Show and Tell at Work Day

Happy National Show and Tell at Work Day!

National Show and Tell at Work DayHello!

In honor of National Show and Tell at Work Day, I’m giving you the inside look at an average day as a freelance copywriter. Now, of course, the truth is that there really is no average day, but I looked at my schedule and picked one ahead of time that most fit the bill. Here’s a day in the life of a freelance copywriter, branding advisor, blogger, and oboe teacher.

7:00 | Sleep is essential for me and I insist on getting at least nine solid hours of sleep every night. I’m a morning person, so I always wake up promptly with my alarm and get right to work checking overnight messages on my Fiverr app and, of course, entering LuLaRoe giveaways on Facebook.

7:20 | I move the work session to my ‘office’ on the couch with my laptop along with oatmeal and coffee for breakfast. It’s time to respond to lengthier messages, check my task book for the day, deliver a quick revision for an espresso bean description, send offers out for buyer requests, and start on my first description of the day. Of course, the first thing I do is open my Spotify Discover playlist, which literally plays all day, with the perfect mashup of indie, folk, americana, bluegrass, pop, and orchestral tracks.

8:30 | I had no idea it got so icy overnight, so I rush out to defrost my car and head over to my workout class, which is exclusively patronized by amazingly strong retired women.

10:15 | I’m back on my computer to answer the never-ending barrage of messages, reschedule with an oboe student, adjust my bullet journal task list, and finally start doing actual work! I deliver descriptions for a luxury bar soap for dogs and a drawing grid system for beginning artists.

11:40 | Time for a shower! I live in comfy LuLaRoe clothes now so it always feels like pajamas and who needs makeup?

12:00 | Putting my creative brain to work a little bit, I write up my blog post for the day and draft a few Facebook posts for a LuLaRoe consultant that I do virtual assistant work for. My help is paid back in free clothes and it’s the best gig in the world!

1:00 | Leftover baked sweet potatoes, havarti cheese, steamed kale, and halved cherry tomatoes get microwaved up for lunch and I eat back on the couch – my favorite place, while I watch the first half of an episode of Travelers on Netflix. The postman shows up with a big bag of coffee from a customer and several LuLaRoe goodies for me!

1:30 | The range of items that I get to write descriptions for is seriously astounding. Next up on my writing list are five designer fur coats, each valued around $1,000.

2:00 | Thursday is usually my sweep and vacuum chore day, but I was substitute teaching band at the high school so it simply didn’t happen. It is seriously gross how dirty things get over the course of a week! It’s also time to swap out bed sheets, enjoy a giant honeycrisp apple and cookie butter for a snack, and test my fancy new coffee while I finish the rest of my Travelers episode.

3:20 | I wrote a description for the artisan coffee earlier this week and they sent a bag for me to try, so it’s time to go back and tweak some of the cupping notes after my personal tasting session! This job has the best perks.

3:30 | Eric gets home from work and we chat about the day while I work on slogans, branding concepts, and logo designs for a dental clinic in Greenwich Village, NY.

5:00 | The secret to my daily blogging success is planning and preparation. I write two upcoming blog posts, push off two writing small tasks to tomorrow in my bullet journal, and answer more messages. Seriously, the inbox chore is endless!

5:30 | My day is complete! I spend the rest of my evening with a quick practice session on my oboe, lots of Netflix, and a delicious dinner with hubs. As always, enjoy happy holidays!


National Get to Know Your Customers Day

Happy National Get to Know Your Customers Day!

National Get to Know Your Customers DayHello!

My work on Fiverr has been such a blessing and I still keep pushing off the eventual end date when I will close down my profile and move onto something else full time. Working freelance definitely has ups and downs, but it is exactly the kind of work that fits my type A, introvert personality. I get to work from my couch, communicate exclusively through my keyboard, build my own work schedule, and work on a huge range of projects. Hallelujah! Of course, paired with that is the headache of quarterly tax payments, obnoxious buyers who try to get free work, and the stress of constant, ticking delivery timers. I have just completed three full years working on the site and in that time I have completed 7,000 writing, blog promotion, modeling, and product review orders. I don’t have an exact count on the number of customers that I have worked with, but I would estimate that I have delivered to at least 5,000 different users. Plus, I have worked with customers in 68% of all countries in the world. It’s interesting because so many people come in for a single project or task and then I never have any more interaction with them, but there are a select few that turn into a more collaborative, long term relationship. These are my favorite! I rarely share specific information about me or get to know them on a personal level, but it’s fun to gather little bits of knowledge about the person behind the username as orders and deliveries span weeks and even months like clockwork. Connecting through a screen is a little awkward and it definitely makes it hard to get to know people, but I really do love my customers. Happy holidays!


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National Evaluate Your Life Day

Happy National Evaluate Your Life Day!

National Evaluate Your Life DayHello!

I consider myself to be a generally perseverant person and although I might not always be peppy and perky, I try not to wallow. Recently, I have found myself in a dark corner of my life, wallowing and avoiding. My bullet journals are for more than tracking appointments, blog posts, freelance jobs, lesson plans, and chores. I also have been tracking my rating for the day in both the morning and afternoon. My favorite -5 to 5 rating system centers around 0 as the perfect neutral point. Recently, I have been marking down a lot more negative signs than I would like, and it seems to build and build. I’m stressed out about my job, which makes me tired and grumpy, which makes me not want to do chores, which makes our house feel dingy, which makes me grumpy… and on and on we go. My days are too full of things that I don’t like and I feel like I’m losing my passions. So far today, I took my poor little kitty to the vet with more ear problems, waged the next phase of battle against a big army of tiny ants, deep cleaned all of the nooks and crannies that I have purposefully been ignoring, took on the overflowing laundry hamper, finished my writing projects for the day, and stared at the ceiling like a dying robot. I have never been one for frivolous pick-me-ups, but nothing right now is fun. My job, other job, other other job, volunteering, different volunteering, and housework currently offer me so little fulfillment. I think I have lost my mojo and it’s time to get it back. Evaluation over, planning commence. Happy holidays!


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