National Shower with a Friend Day

Happy National Shower with a Friend Day!

National Shower with a Friend DayHello!

I’m not keen on embracing the concept of a social shower. The occasional locker room shower with a group full of girls and elderly women at the pool was enough to scare me away. Joey Cat is a bit of a creeper and he usually sits on the bathroom counter while I take a shower. It started as just staring through the cracked door, then he worked his way onto the floor rug, tried sitting on the top of the toilet, and now he’ll perch on the edge of the sink and put his feet up on the door to high-five me and watch the water run across the glass. Eric swears that one morning Joe even jumped on top of the shower doors to be closer to him, but I haven’t seen it happen and I’m not convinced that it wasn’t a morning hallucination. He stands by his story that he had his eyes closed while he was shampooing and when he opened his eyes, Joe was bending down off the top of the shower door with whiskers in his face. Eric was scared that he would fall, or jump, in and claw him to death when he realized the terrible consequences of his choice. Apparently Joe made the right choice to stay in a dry place and found his way back to the floor safely while Eric remained unscathed from the encounter. Like I said, I haven’t seen it so I’m skeptical. No scratches, no proof! Shower with a friend and celebrate – happy holidays!


National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Happy National Clean Off Your Desk Day!

National Clean Off Your Desk DayHello!

Today is an exceptionally dreary, drippy day! Although we’re above freezing and in the process of thawing from the winter storm that hit over the weekend, the world is a serious slushfest. Schools are cancelled today because although it’s not bad to drive, walking is pretty slippery. To combat the dreariness outside and take advantage of his morning off, Eric joined me at the gym and I tested out the sauna for the first time after my exercise class. We stopped by three different breakfast joints on our way back home, but apparently you can’t get breakfast before 11 AM on a Monday, so we opted with a Sausage McMuffin and orange juice – classic. Between those wrappers, my pre-gym Odwalla, random cords, ibuprofen, pens, shoes, and my water bottle, my ‘desk’ was driving me a little bit crazy! In honor of the holiday, I completely cleared off my workspace and tucked some of the essentials that I still want to have on hand off to other edge of the table. Even if it’s not less cluttered by mass, I always feel better when things are organized and stacked in straight lines. I stood on the couch to take these pictures and then crashed back into it, wrapping myself under my favorite blanket. Eric turned around and said, ‘Nothing about your work situation deserves my sympathy.’ You know what? I think I’m okay with that! Clear your desk and your mind to get more done! Happy holidays.


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National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

Happy National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day!

National Clean Out Your Refrigerator DayHello!

Eric and I do a pretty good job of sharing chores and picking up the slack for each other, but some jobs have inevitably been split between sides. He’s on litter box duty and he almost always takes out the trash, but I keep up on sweeping, dust, vacuum and do the laundry every week. I also pick the recipes, often to his dismay, make the grocery list, unpack the groceries, and clean out the fridge. Hmmm – my list is looking a little long. Maybe it’s time for a re-negotation? Ha! Cleaning out the fridge can be really scary, especially if I don’t keep up on it every week. My strategy is scheduled and preventative. First of all, we try not to store more leftovers than we know we will use. I have a personal rule about eating leftovers that are more than a day old, so we make dinner, store two leftover portions, and finish them off the next day for lunch. It’s feels wrong to throw away the extras if there’s more left, but I would way rather dispose of the food when it’s fresh than find it at the back of the fridge after things have taken a turn for the worst. I also try to keep the fridge clean by going through and throwing out spoiled food before putting in the new groceries. If there’s a scoop of sour cream in the first carton, it’s still going in the trash when the new one comes in. The chore seems mindless and unnecessary to do every week, but there have been some truly frightening discoveries from the far back of the bottom shelf when we looked away for too long. I really, really, really don’t like when food grows. Yuck! Happy holidays!


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National Good Neighbor Day

Happy National Good Neighbor Day!

National Good Neighbor DayHello!

Our neighborhood definitely isn’t upscale and we haven’t run into any young families who are especially eager to welcome us with plates of fresh baked muffins, but that’s fine with me. My expectations for being good neighbors seems to be a pretty easy list of tasks to fulfill. Of course, the majority of people on our floor at the PDX apartment had some trouble complying. It should be noted here that I’m not talking about being friendly or welcoming neighbors, just basically decent people. Do you steal? Do you vandalize your neighbor’s home or property? Does your stuff bleed beyond your allotted space? Do your smells waft into common spaces or beyond? Are you noisy? Are you messy and visibly disgusting? If you answered no to all of these questions, then I officially award you a congratulatory pat on the back. From one neighbor to another, nice job! The one that most people, in my experience, have failed are in the smell and noise departments. If you’re going to invite thirty people into your home for lengthy rounds of shouting and vocal strength contests, please just – well, actually, let me stop right there: just don’t. Smelly cooking, putrid trash piles, and odorous clouds of ‘herbs and spices,’ as Eric likes to joke, should not waft into my living room or knock me flat when I walk on the side walk in front of your house! Get it together, people. Being a good neighbor is not that hard. Figure it out with me and celebrate happy holidays!


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National Make Your Bed Day

Happy National Make Your Bed Day!

National Make Your Bed DayHello!

I’m not sure when my obsession for having my bed made really came into play. My parents never really drilled into me that you need to make your bed in the morning and I definitely wasn’t scolded if I didn’t. I remember that some of my friends would get grounded if they continually forgot to make their beds, and it was one of the most dreaded chores. They didn’t see the point in it. I don’t really see a convincing reason either, but it’s just something that I do. Even though I do all sorts of weird things in my sleep, like walk, talk, sing, change my clothes, and freak out over giant spiders on the ceiling, I don’t mess up my side of the bed too much. The sheets always stay tucked in and I rarely move the covers around. When I was growing up, I would just re-position the layers around my pillow and the bed was ‘made’ in half a second. My husband, on the other hand, always seems to manage to pull the covers around, stash his pillow by my feet, and twist the sheets into a knot. I have no idea how he does it! As a result, I have gotten much better at thoroughly tucking the covers in so that they stay put, even with with this thrashing. It’s still not too bad to make the bed. In our small house, any area of clutter makes the whole place look a little messy. I generally take the charge on daily bed making, but Eric is getting better at taking on the task if I’m out of the house before he’s out of bed. It’s a simple little chore that makes things look put together and creates a more inviting scene when you make it back to bed at the end of a long day.


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national bubble bath day

Happy National Bubble Bath Day!

national bubble bath dayHello!

I’m really not a big fan of bubble baths, or baths in general, but I will sacrifice my preconceptions for the sake of the holiday. Before I can run the hot water and pour in some fragrant bath products, I have to put in a little elbow grease and give the tub a good cleaning. I like to think that our house is generally pretty darn clean, but the bathroom is on the lower end of my optimism scale. It never gets to the point of looking dirty, but I definitely let it go a little longer than we really should. No, I definitely can’t lay in a bath without thinking about the tiny bits of mold growing between the shower tiles or the soap scum that was trapped along the edge of the tub by the shower curtain. Nope, nope, nope. It all has to be cleaned first. Otherwise, what kind of stress relieving activity would it be? I’m already grossed out as it is, thinking about lying in my own filth. With some added bubbles, fragrant products, a candle flickering, and some comforting indie folk jamming from my phone, I think that I can sort of start to enjoy this weird procedure. Chandler seemed to like baths in that one episode of Friends. Maybe Monica needs to swing by and teach me how it’s done. Does anyone have her number? Happy holidays!


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national make your bed day

Happy National Make Your Bed Day!

national make your bed dayHello!

I’m definitely more of a morning person, but I never really knew it until I realized how anti-morning the rest of the world is. It’s not that I particularly enjoy getting up in the morning or waking up early, I’m just pretty good at it. The second that my alarm goes off, my eyes are open and I’m ready to go. That’s usually followed by about 10 minutes of phone checking for an easy transition into complete awake-ness, but it’s never too bad. I honestly don’t remember the last time that I hit the snooze button or went back to sleep after an alarm. After I hop out of bed, I like to immediately pull the bed sheets back in place where they belong for a bit of easy cleaning. I like the idea that in a single instant, I can kind of put the room back into order and make everything look so much nicer. Of course, I’m usually up before my husband so when I peek my head in our room later in the day, my half of the bed is generally still made and his is usually out of sorts. It’s not a big deal and I try not to harp on the chore too much, but it seems like such a simple thing to do. If you make your bed well in the first place and get all of the corners tucked into a secure position, then there’s never even too much to fix. I surely wasn’t always on the bed making train and I know that my mom yapped at me through middle school to make my bed, but I’ve caught on now. We get wiser with age, right? Happy holidays!


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