National Barber Day

Happy National Barber Day!

National Barber DayHello!

No one ever looks cute halfway through a haircut with wet hair plastered to their face, but I simply had to get a matching before and after selfie with Beth! Beth has cut my mom’s hair literally forever so it’s only natural that I would do the same. I’m not fussy and I don’t come in to get my hair cut nearly as often as I should, but it’s so nice to get a great haircut and chat with her in the meantime. I know I’m probably far less chatty than the average lady to sit down in her chair, but I do enjoy the conversation. I’m convinced that barbers, hair stylists, and nail techs are the most ‘in the know’ people in town. What else are you going to do while you sit and get your hair cut except talk? Dentists would have the same scuttlebutt advantage if they didn’t insist on putting their hands in your mouth the whole time! I enjoyed a nice walk down to her shop under super cloudy skies that threatened to rain, but never did and walked back out with a fresh new bob! If it wasn’t for the holiday reminder to schedule an appointment to see her, I would probably still be complaining about split ends and thinking that my hair was getting a little longer than I really want it to be. I think that she should send out appointment reminder texts like my dentist because I never remember to go in for my hair check up on time! Go see your barber or hair stylist today for a fresh new look and enjoy happy holidays.


National Lumpy Rug Day

Happy National Lumpy Rug Day!

National Lumpy Rug DayHello!

This holiday is kind of disappointing because it made me get up close and personal with the filth that is our hardwood floors. The colloquialism concept of sweeping things under the rug is what we literally do in our household. We sweep around the rug, vacuum the top of it, and ignore everything that is underneath. I actually just assumed that the spot underneath the rug would be the cleanest and that the dust and dirt would just accumulate around it. When I lifted up the corner of the rug to create a celebratory lump, I was faced with a mortifying surprise as the sunlight gleamed across the dusty line where the edge of our rug hits. How in the world is it dirtier under the rug!? I mean, when you lift things off of a dusty shelf, you have dust-free rings and imprints where things sat. Shouldn’t that same concept apply here? Sigh. It was a sad realization and it kicked my lazy butt into gear. Not only am I sweeping the hardwood and running the vacuum over the rug, but thanks to the holiday-inspired discovery, I now have to move the entire rug for a thorough, uncovered cleaning. I’m really looking forward to when our million dollar check comes in the mail and I can hire a maid to take care of this for us. I’m definitely not the best housewife, but we’re working on it. Every holiday reminder helps. Happy holidays!


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National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day

Happy National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day!

National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day Hello!

I consider myself to be a very organized person and I really don’t think that I would be where I am today without those skills. Sure, everyone has coping mechanisms to make up for a lack of innate organizational skills, but I wouldn’t give them up for the world. Instead of having to clean up after myself and fight fires, I’m able to prevent them and stay on top of things before they become an issue. Of course, my talent in this area is the cause for my lack of inability in so many other aspects of life. You take some and you lose some. Apparently God chose to give me this little victory. I consider my computer to be an extension of myself and I like to keep things very organized here as well. This holiday is designed to be a reminder that it’s time to reorganize your document folders, update your synced calendars, toss old files into the trash can, and perk up your background with something fresh and fun. However, in order to get celebration photos, I had to do the complete opposite of that. I dragged some more buzz feed recipe blogs onto my desktop, tore apart my sorted desktop folders, and tossed everything every which way in order to capture the ‘before’ side of my photo pair. Then, I had the joy of putting everything back where it was, in its proper place. It did give me an opportunity, though, to use my absolute favorite feature on my mac – the clean up button! It brings me a stupid amount of joy to watch every folder and icon swoop into its perfect spot, lined up in a grid with a single click of the trackpad. I think that the moment might have even justified the unnecessary scattering and sorting if the holiday doesn’t make up for it on its own. Happy holidays!


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Happy National Clean Up The World Weekend!


First of all, I’m kissing my dinosaur phone right now because this photo is gorgeous! Who knew that half a megapixel out of a car window could capture such a perfect scene!? Even that slight rainbow on the horizon… Mwah! And God said it was good.

Secondly, this is an important cause but I honestly don’t think that we’ll make much of any difference in just one weekend. It’s a big world out there with a lot of trash and inconsiderate inhabitants and the problems seem to outweigh the progress. However, we shouldn’t get discouraged! Everyone needs to be encouraged. There are so many simple things that we can do: driving less, not litter, recycle, un-plug… Tonight, I’m going to let the rain wash away the grime and muck and clean up the world, naturally. The rest of the weekend, however, I will make an honest effort to do some good for the planet and to do my share. Everyone celebrate with me!