National Groundhog Job Shadow Day

Happy National Groundhog Job Shadow Day!

National Groundhog Job Shadow DayHello!

I’ve seen the movie Groundhog Day, made little groundhog cards and banners in elementary school, and cast my vote 22 years in a row for the early arrival of spring, but I still have absolutely no idea how Groundhog Day actually works. I totally understand the purpose and validity of National Margarita Day – yum – and International Pillow Fight Day is just pure fun! Why is a confused groundhog worth celebrating? I always assumed that the folklore or weather prediction had to do with the specific behavior of the groundhog, not the clouds overhead. Now that I have spent some time googling, I actually feel rather silly that it took me this long to figure out. I have never attended a Groundhog Day ceremony, so I always imagined that they take a grumpy, blindfolded little groundhog out of his winter den and spin him around in circles. Then they put him back in his little hole, take off the blindfold, and watch him come out. If he comes out facing the giant lightbulb to his right, then he would theoretically not see his shadow and predict spring, and if he comes out of the hole facing to the left, he would see his looming shadow and predict winter. Apparently it’s actually a question of cloudy or clear skies and there is no lightbulb involved. Well, geez – I definitely think I can do that! In honor of shadowing Phil the Groundhog in his moment of glory, I walked outside to discover a densely clouded sky. No matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find a shadow, much less see my own! Does that mean that I predict an early spring? I can seriously get behind that. I guess it’s not too hard to do a groundhog’s job after all! Happy holidays.


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Happy National Pick a Pathologist Pal Day!

National Pick a Pathologist Pal Day


Picking a pathologist pal isn’t too hard of a task for me today because I have one that is quite near to my heart. Hopefully no one minds that I’m picking favorites because my husband tops the list every time. With a bachelors degree in speech and hearing sciences and work experience in special education, he is standing at the crossroads to decide where he wants to go next in his career. The original dream was to become a licensed speech pathologist and spend his days teaching kids how to do all of the fancy phonemes and voiced articulations that he has spent hours rambling on about. Of course, the opportunity to go for his masters to become a special education teacher is also looming as an exciting possibility. Whether he finishes out school down the speech path route or chooses to go another direction, he will always steal the show and my heart when it comes time every year to pick a pathologist pal. One term of college, I was taking a body mapping class for musicians and vocal technique while he was in voice and diction for speech therapy and we were learning many of the same physical concepts, but using what we learned in very different realms. A lot of our lives seem to be like that – plenty of overlap and commonalities but in pursuit of different goals. He’s the best kind of pal to have. Celebrate with the pathologist of your choice and enjoy happy holidays!


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world teachers day

Happy World Teachers Day!

world teachers dayHello!

This is officially my day! Well, almost. Last week I started the fall classes in my graduate teacher education program, which launches me into phase 2/4 towards licensure and certification. Not to mention, I’m into week 5 of student teaching at my school placement and it’s going tremendously well. Our fall concert is coming up and I’m teaching/conducting half of the pieces on the program. It has been so exciting to jump right in and start applying all of the theoretical things that I’ve held on from great teachers of my own as well as core knowledge from my education classes. However, putting it into practice doesn’t ever quite work as well as it does in my head. When I’m up in front of the group, I feel good! I’m totally in charge and prepared with a sequenced lesson plan that makes sense for the needs of the group. Not to mention, I always aim to have an eye out for chatty students and cell phones ducked behind music stands. It’s empowering, thrilling, and so much fun. However, sitting at home scouring my scores and trying to anticipate where challenges will fall in rehearsal while improving my conducting and memorizing student names fills my entire body with anxiety. The most terrifying moments of my day are when I stand at the front of the classroom during the 5-minute passing periods and my self-diagnosed social anxiety kicks in. 80 students cram through the door and I feel like I should make conversation, welcome them into the room, and start forming personal bonds with the students but I stand frozen as they waltz by me and by the time that I’ve mustered up the courage to speak with a simple, foolproof script, they’ve moved past me and I’m left to worry about the inevitable look of despair and confusion on my face that greeted them as they walked through the door. I’m working on it. It’s so frustrating and tough. Eric gives me a joking hard time that being a teacher can be the easiest job in the world because we’ve all sat in a classroom with the person who puts on a video or read blandly off of a powerpoint while checking fantasy football scores on their computer and watches the clock for the bell to ring. I not only hope, but promise that I will never be that teacher. My current stress level and performance anxiety on the podium are proof that I care too much. It might not be good for my central nervous system, but I hope that it will be good for my students and I can’t wait to read back through my year of field experience journal entries in June to see just how far I’ve come. So today, I’m celebrating this beautiful holiday starting with a 6:15 AM zero period jazz band call time and wearing my badge with pride, even if it doesn’t say the right job title or have my name on it. Happy holidays!


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national pathologists assistant day

Happy National Pathologists Assistant Day!

national pathologists assistant dayHello!

Golly, pathology must be a good field to go into because they have two holidays dedicated to them throughout the year! In addition to National Pathologists Assistant Day we also have National Pathologists Pal Day. In both cases, I’m lucky to have a training speech pathologist close by. It was my intention to act as his assistant today in honor of the holiday but it ended up that he helped me out instead. Just the act of calling him over to my little camera stand is enough to act as a bonafide favor around these parts and he wasn’t quite on-board with the pose plan at first, as you can see. Lucky for me, I have a darling husband who’s willing to pose from time to time for my silly little project and make the occasional appearance for my readers. He’s a much better assistant than I am! It doesn’t help that I know nothing about pathology of any sort, haha. I’ll stick with what I do what I do best. In honor of all of the pathologists assistants who actually know what they’re doing out in the work force, happy holidays!


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