National Get Up Day

Happy National Get Up Day!

fNational Get Up DayHello!

If falling asleep quickly is one of my best life skills, then waking up promptly is next on the list! The second that my alarm goes off, I’m wide awake with bright eyes and a fresh outlook on life. It’s a new day with exciting opportunities and I’m ready to chase them. Just as I can fall asleep within the duration of one song that I sing in my head, I’m usually rolled over and turning off my phone alarm within three vibrations. Then I lay in bed for a little bit and answer my Fiverr messages from customers overnight. Eric is not quite as chipper as I am in the morning and I would actually go as far as saying that he is not a morning person – italics intended. It’s not uncommon for me to waltz back in after my shower, turn on the light, and start talking about plans for the day, which is met with a thrown pillow and urgent shushing. I always forget to be sensitive and that it takes him at least an hour to fully assume his normal, lovable personality. This morning we’re going back to the horrible routine of waking up for zero period classes in high school, which I will admit is even horrible for a morning person! I’m substitute teaching again today and the schedule includes morning jazz band, which Eric eagerly agreed to come assist with; that is, until it was time to get up! Happy holidays.


National Backwards Day

Happy National Backwards Day!

National Backwards DayHello!

In honor of the holiday, I’m moving through my day backwards and starting at the end before I work my way to the beginning.What’s all the fuss about living a forward-focused, one-directional life? I went to bed this morning and had an oddly difficult time going to sleep. Normally, I can fall asleep in an instant and consider that to be one of my best skills. I have an odd, but very effective visualization routine that I go through to slow down my heartbeat and calm my mind that pairs with a song I sang years ago in choir. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time that I had to go through the song in my head twice. I’m always out like a light within minutes! It also took a little extra time to put my clothes on with the tags in the front, but then I went out for a late night snack. Eric and I stopped off at our local one-screen theatre and raided their very affordable, awesome concessions stand for a big bag of buttery popcorn. They were a little surprised to see guests come in this early, but the popcorn was hot and fresh. That’s the true breakfast of champions! Off to the gym we went for an evening session on the elliptical and bike machines. It was weird to see the sun coming in through the front doors. I have a full day ahead of me and yet I still haven’t had breakfast? Lucky for me, I can make a grocery run for breakfast supplies before tonight. Normally, I roll out of bed and pull whatever we have out of the cupboards for a simple breakfast that holds me over until lunch. National Backwards Day is definitely a little odd, but there are some perks! Happy holidays.


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National Croissant Day

Happy National Croissant Day!

National Croissant DayHello!

Now that I’m back home, snuggling with my kitty on the couch and blasting my Spotify Discover playlist with a cup of Kirkland Keurig coffee on the table next to me, I’m reminiscing over San Francisco. Our return was inevitable, if not thoroughly planned, and it wasn’t hard to get back into my normal routine, but we had an amazing weekend and it would be a little odd if I wasn’t sad to leave, right? It was a simple, quick weekend out for Eric’s birthday and we didn’t have anything specific planned outside of the usual tourist stops and lots of good eating. Yesterday morning, we stopped in at a local cafe that only serves natural, organic food. Personally, that’s not a big deal for me, but it was super fresh and yummy! Eric opted for the bagel while I took advantage of the opportunity to bite into a buttery, flaky breakfast sandwich with a croissant bun! We sipped on tea lattes to accompany the meal and had a very nice, relaxing little brunch before bus-hopping across the city. With a full stomach, good energy, and mildly sore feet from lots of walking, we spent the last day exploring the Golden Gate Park and standing at the base of the infamous Golden Gate Bridge. We were blessed with beautiful weather for the whole weekend and enjoyed truly beautiful views of the city. We’re a pair of homebodies, but do love to travel. I can’t wait for our next little adventure and to discover another delicious take on a fluffy croissant. Happy holidays!


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National Puzzle Day

Happy National Puzzle Day!

National Puzzle DayHello!

Eric and I have been searching for a good video game to play together for a while, but it’s a pretty big task. I’m not against playing video games, but I’m really not good at them. It’s one of the only times in my life when I go into a full rage-panic fury. As soon as I feel overwhelmed by my inability to work the controls or feel limited by my skill and get stuck at a hurdle I can’t cross, I get massively frustrated and give up. I have been known to throw my controller on the ground and leave the room. We tried playing a very sweet game called Pikmin3 with cute little claymation style characters and giant fruit, but the controls are surprisingly complex, there’s a constant threat of character starvation, and the day timer at the top of the screen is enough to set my anxiety off. Don’t tell me I’m going to die if I don’t get back to the space ship in 5 seconds when I’m stuck walking into a wall and can’t find my way out! It’s exhausting. Luckily for us, Eric found a game called Undertale that’s amazing. It’s built on puzzles and the game is full of jokes and hidden quips that actually have us laughing out loud. The game does have a few challenging bosses that Eric had to beat when I got stuck, but I pull my weight with the puzzles. I’m excited to get home so that we can finish it. I’m all about the puzzles! Get your brain working and celebrate happy holidays!


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National Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day

Happy National Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day!

National Visit Your Local Quilt Shop DayHello!

We’re out and about enjoying all that San Francisco has to offer today! Can you even celebrate a local quilt shop if you’re not from around there? We’re busy doing all of the touristy things that people only say they’re too cool to do. Last year, we went up to Seattle for a mini-vacation and got the CityPass for access to a bunch of museums and cool attractions. It was a good deal and gave us lots of fun activities to do so we planned to do the same for our quick trip to San Francisco. I went to San Fran once when I was around 10 or 12 and we stopped in for an afternoon a few years ago on a band trip, but I really don’t know much about the city. I remember my dad getting hassled by a smelly guy in a tie-dye shirt, listening to the audio tour at Al Capone’s cell on Alcatraz, and almost getting lost in a crowd at the Ghiradelli store but that’s about it. We did Alcatraz this morning and are wandering around the city, getting as much of the full experience as we can absorb and eating lots of good food. Eric and I aren’t frequent travelers, unfortunately, but we are good at it! We always manage to find our way around and fill up the day with meaningful, fun activities. We might not have stumbled across a local quilt shop, but we did a lot of other really cool stuff today that I think is worth celebrating. I’ll be sure to stop by Bolts to Blocks when we get back home. Happy holidays!


National Fun at Work Day

Happy National Fun at Work Day!

National Fun at Work DayHello!

I love my job! I really, really do! Considering that I have built a career (at least for now) on an idea that was just meant to give me a little extra cash and help pay for college, it’s really amazing to me how much fun I get have at work every day. As a freelancer, I get to build my business and services based on my interests and talents. Plus, I have full control over my schedule, as long as I get everything done on time, and I can work from anywhere. I know that some people might take full advantage of the ‘work from anywhere’ perk, but I’m a homebody. Never underestimate the restorative power of snuggling with a sleepy, adorable kitty all day while you get to blast your favorite Spotify playlists, cuddle under a blanket, and grab snacks from the fridge. I have decided that 2017 is the year of comfort. Since I discovered LuLaRoe clothing I have completely sworn off pinching skinny jeans and itchy sweaters. I live in clothes that feel like pajamas and I refuse to be anything less than blissfully comfortable. The same is true with my job. Now that I can enjoy fulfilling, totally flexible work from the comfort of my home, why would I do anything else? Moving to full-time freelancing wasn’t the change that I expected, but it was a phenomenal choice. Comfort is key! The fun stuff is just icing on the cake. Have fun at work and enjoy happy holidays!


National Green Juice Day

Happy National Green Juice Day!

National Green Juice DayHello!

Today is turning into a detox and work day. After the gym this morning, I put on a face mask, poured myself a big glass of green juice in honor of the holiday, and started cleaning around the house! There’s nothing that a tingly face mask and yummy smoothie can’t fix! I got this cayenne pepper and lemon face mask in my birchbox and loved it so much that I had to buy the full size. It’s seriously amazing. It tingles just a little bit when you put it on as it dries, but it feels so nice when you exfoliate and wash it off. It’s the pick-me-up that I needed! Today is Eric’s birthday, but the real festivities and celebration happen tomorrow when we fly into San Francisco for a quick weekend away! As excited as I am for that, it also means that today’s schedule is quite full. I want to make sure that the house is clean and tidy before we leave because there’s nothing fun about coming back to home to a messy house. I’m also working overtime to deliver everything in my Fiverr queue so that I don’t have to worry about work while we’re out and about! Plus, we both teach lessons tonight so we don’t even have time for a birthday dinner on his special day. Looking at the time tick by, I am feeling just a wee bit stressed about getting everything crossed off of my to-do list, but I’m sure that it will all get done. The face mask and juice session wasn’t exactly on the list, but it’s for a special holiday treat for me. Happy holidays!


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