Happy National Nachos Day!

national nachos day

national nachos day Hello!

“I love nachos! I think that I could write a dissertation on nachos. You know what? I think I will.”

In my opinion, it’s a lot easier to celebrate this one and stuff your face full of loaded tortilla chips than it is to write about it. Apparently my husband is going the academic route for this one? He is the proud author of that featured quote when I asked him to help me come of up with something fantastic and drool-worthy to write for this blog post. In celebration of the famous Tex Mex dish, I’m snagging a massive pile of tortilla chips with all of my favorite toppings. In my perfect world, the chips are extra salty with a hint of lime, the salsa is not too spicy with cilantro accents, the cheese is perfectly melted on everything but there’s always a handhold in sight, the tiny shreds of chicken are packed with seasoned flavor, and there’s plenty of guacamole to weigh the chips down. Get those jalapeños out of here! I want to enjoy my food not sweat through it. What makes the cut on your perfect plate of nachos? Happy holidays!


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