Happy National Kiss Your Fiancé Day!

national kiss your fiancé day

national kiss your fiancé dayHello!

I’ve been a married woman for 217 days (7 months and 5 day) so it’s a little hard to celebrate this one in an authentic fashion. In fact, the timing has always been a little tricky to nail down: we weren’t yet engaged on this day back in 2013, we were engaged but celebrated this holiday long distance last year, and now we’re married. We’ve missed the mark! Somehow we forgot to weigh the holiday calendar into our life plan – silly us. I’m not too distressed about it, though – I mean, I ‘cheat’ on holiday celebration all the time. I’ll give my lovely husband the kiss or two that he so deserves today and we’ll just ignore the logistics. If any of you men are out there today with an engagement ring burning a hole in your pocket while you wait for the ‘perfect moment,’ let me provide a dose of timely inspiration – today is the day! Can you imagine how adorable it would be to have the anniversary of your engagement land on National Kiss Your Fiancé Day? Granted, after the first occurrence passes, you’ll probably be cheaters like my husband and I, but think of the sweet little speech that you could cook up. The endless hours of scrolling through Pinterest engagement and wedding boards has passed but I still enjoy concocting extravagant, witty engagement stories and speeches. I mean, who doesn’t? Happy holidays!


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