National Red Lipstick DayHello!

I’m Carrie – a 22 year old college graduate and (relatively) newlywed who is just as passionate about music education, ice cream, and organizing as I am about blogging. This blog project is dedicated to the celebration of a national holiday every day and the acknowledgment of why every day is special. What started as a silly, impulsive hobby four years ago has blossomed into a beautiful, wildly fulfilling aspect of my life, allowing me to explore and cherish something new and noteworthy every single day. If you want to follow along with me, http://www.brownielocks.com has a national holiday calendar for you to look into and see what’s coming up! I’m not coming up with this stuff on my own, folks – all of the quirky national holidays are actually real and have a place on the calendar! When life’s hurdles get a little too high and the blank stares outnumber the laughs, just remember that it’s always a holiday – celebrate!


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  1. You sound really great Carrie. You are ALIVE! You sound sweet and friendly. I love what you have written so far and I have only read one post! Keep up the good work. I’ll be in touch with you soon 🙂

  2. Hi Carrie! LOVE your blog, it’s such a great idea! <3
    I'd like to chat with you and learn more about how you came up with such a neat concept. Email me when you have a chance and we'll get it in the books.

    I'm interviewing webpreneurs, so if you know of anyone else that would be interested in a little extra publicity, feel free to connect us via email. Thanks!

  3. Hi – I have an online women’s boutique. We carry women’s unique and trendy clothing/accessories for women of all ages.

    I’m looking to have you do a review or blog on our women’s boutique. Can you tell me if you have any data that shows how many visits you receive on a daily basis? Do you have any stats that shows how often someone clicks on your blog about someone’s product, etc.?

    Thank you in advance,

    • Thanks so much for the kind words! You can subscribe on the left hand sidebar for daily updates to stay informed with all of the daily holiday shenanigans and inspiration. Happy holidays!

  4. It’s a great blog, with so much information and news – something absolute new for me – nice to read and now i go to fiverr and order my second gig with this great gig.

  5. I really like this idea Carrie!

    Would you consider doing a 2017 “Fitness Day”?

    Check my insta and website, you’ll get my mission. I’d love to do a video just for your blog.

    Lift Life!

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